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About us

Pedalnorth is a website built for cyclists by cyclists, that has become a global cycling network. It is a simple idea that will do its best to retain a sense of independence, whilst striving to be amongst the best resources for cyclists of all ages and abilities, anywhere globally! We will always try to retain this as our focus. Pedalnorth is simply a group of like-minded cyclists, writers and photographers all over the world, who love bikes and cycling.

Pedalnorth means simply heading in that direction - north of anywhere using 2 wheels, as we contiue to expand around the globe, promoting cycling and where to ride and what to ride and wear while having funheartsmiley

We are as free from advertising as you can get, and take no money for promoting anything - the views are our own and totally free from bias. If it's on our website - it's simply because we like it! It's a hobby on steroids I suppose, that thankfully our partners and families allow us to do out of intrigue or pity. Our website gets to the heart of cycling, because our hearts all beat cycling.

All of our team are like minded, free-thinking cyclists, who believe that cycling lifestyle is the spice of life, and that information for cyclists should be free and written by free-thinkers with a sense of adventure and fun. Thanks for supporting us, wherever you are in the world.

Robert Thorpe - Executive Editor

To meet the rest of the team that do all of the hard work, simply click the link below and find out what is all about, and why we're so successful globally