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Gotra Levanto Italy

Distance: 60km (37 miles) each way

Ascent: 1800 metres (each way)

Italian National mapping Agency Online

Start Point: Gotra, Parma Province, Italy

Character: A long climb through the forested hills of the Vara valley, on some typical twisting roads, leads to a summit with great views, before it's down all the way to the coast. However, a small sting in the tail nearLevanto awaits, which is rewarded with a final descent. Then reverse the route home again on the same.

Refreshments & Facilities: This is Italy folks - they're everywhere. However, we will add some detail as we finalise this route page.

Route Description

1. Leave Gotra on the SP523 towards Benonia, climbing steadily for 10 miles to 3200 feet, passing through Spallavera along the way. This excellent road, twists and turns in true european fashion, before the descent begins as you cross from Parma into Uguria, and the views open up across the hills.

2. The winding road then take you down at speed, with superb views all around. The twisting descent eventually evens out at Varese Ligure, continuing more steadily down, and passing through San Pietro Vara, where you take the road around to the left (SS566) signed towards Sesta Godano. Passing through Sesta Godano, continue along the SS566 until a small roundabout is reached, with a banked high wall to the right of the road.

3. At the roundabout (the 30 miles), take the road right, signed towards Levanto, with a few more twisting bends, as you make your way under the main E80 motorway and down to the coast. The Ligurian coast comes into view as you make the final descent. Signs for Centro take you to the tree lined streets, leading you to the coast. Time for a real coffee and some pasta before heading back up the route for a return leg.