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Lifecycle Emagazine

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to read our emagazine 'LifeCycle'. Our 2017 Christmas edition is out now, with over 200 pages of great content, including one of the toughest mountain bike stage events in the world, from Luisa in Colombia. Maria Wilke and Susan Barraza take you on road rides in Europe and elsewhere, and Jerry introduces the UK Enduro scene too!

There are lots of kit reviews from great brands like Biehler, Vittoria, Cyclology, Absolute Black, Martombike and others; and we take a look at Lifestyle with our new Health & Lifestyle editor, Ana Guerra.

Freeride legend, Brett Tippie speaks to us, and Jerry also interviews rising Enduro star, Tom Wilson from the UK, who we're pleased to announce is our Rider of the Year for 2017. Have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year - wherever you are in the world.