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Lifecycle Emagazine

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to read our emagazine 'LifeCycle'. Our 2017 Spring and Summer edition is out now, with nearly 300 pages of great content, including the longest road climb in the world, from Colombian writer Vanessa Jimenez - Alto de Letras at 80km. Maria Wilke and Susan Barraza take you on climbing rides in Europe and Chile, and Jostein introduces you to some Norwegian mtb culture too!

There are lots of kit reviews from great brands like Biehler, Vittoria, JLVelo, Rosti and others; and we take a look behind the scenes at Biehler in Germany, and at Kafiit Sports in Colombia with our new writer Luisa.

Kate Courtney is a 5 times USA mtb champion already, and Millie Citton interviews this future world star to find out more about what makes her tick. We've crammed as much as we can into this edition, so have fun reading, and have a great year riding - wherever you are in the world.