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on Wed, 11/01/2017 - 09:03

My name is Suely Abreu, Brazilian, and a keen cyclist; I graduated in Fashion Design, and currently work as a businesswoman in fitness fashion. I'm married for 10 wonderful years, and love living a life with fitness, sport and adventure at the centre of it.

I was born in the interior of Espirito Santo here in Brazil, a very small place and in the middle of the purest nature, where I lived as a child for my first 11 years. Even today I like to spend a few days there - it's my nook. I believe that my connection with nature comes from there.

I currently live in the capital of Vitória, where I own a fitness fashion brand and own store. I have always enjoyed practicing physical activity, and bodybuilding has been with me since I was 16; but from time to time I would go out to try some different activity, preferably outdoors. I've done rappelling, rafting, and a few hiking trails, but none of them has given me such passion, except for being in touch with nature in all of them. Brazilian people love sport - all sports!

Here where I live, there are many natural beauties between beaches and mountains, and everything is very close, making it easy to change the environment in a few minutes, but I prefer the mountains and rivers.

My love for cycling began very recently in 2016. I rode on a Sunday afternoon with my husband Lucas, just for a short distance, and then I was quite involved with the bike, getting hooked quickly. That's when he presented me with a mountain bike on my last birthday in January this year. I think the joy was greater than winning a car ...  lol!

From then on I started to participate in two pedal groups, three times a week. They are very receptive and proactive, and I've been lucky to learn a little with them. Then I started cycling tours through the state, so I really met lots of other cyclists. The vibration, the energy, the contact with the nature of all these adventures, and the difficulty of some courses, all this gives me a strength and a sense of self-recognition. Its as if I were finding the best version of myself, It's fantastic! To be redscovering myself is a wonderful feeling, and exciting for me.

Sure, I've only been pedalling for a few months, and I soon realized that the caloric expenditure is enormous; and that has made me spend some time in bodybuilding, opting for the practice of pilates besides cycling. This was a decision I made on my own, as fitness is something I've always loved. Mixing it with my cycling is really cool. I intend to seek professional guidance too, since I would not like to leave the bodybuilding, with the strength that I have in my legs today being ally to the pedalling! hahaha

So, I hope to be able to share these and many other experiences of my cycling tour here with you. We will certainly have lots of information, beautiful images and lots of nature to explore. You can begin your own journey too, and hopefully be inspired as I share my travels on two wheels with you, and some tips on cycling fitness, tomake sure that you get the most out of your cyycling, and still keep it fun.



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