Forests and Mountains

Designed For Cycling – Flower Tattoo Kit

Triathlon requires specific kit, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Designed for Cycling have produced this amazingly stylish Tri Suit just for the ladies.

Training for Tri – Getting Heat, Hydration and Effort Right

Triathlon is super tough and the heat can adversely affect all of us. It’s also good to know how much effort to use at give times and what the secret ingredient to success is. Triathlon coach Nadezhda tackles these issues here for you.

London by Bike

Training for Tri – the basics

Triathlon is addictive and so is training. We recognise this and want to make sure that you have the right information to develop your own training regime. Triathlon coach Nadia knows exactly how to get your training into gear.

Foot Love

For the hardest working part of our bodies in cycling, our feet often get a rough ride. We were invited along to the Boardman Centre for some serious foot science and to see how custom foot beds and well fitted shoes can not only help your performance, but will also improve your overall foot health […]

Healthy Energy Bites Recipe

Bikepacking gear – Revelate Designs Fuel bags and Gastank

This is the first in a series of articles from our Alps editor, Scott (give him a follow on Instagram: physiobikefit) about gear and bikes for bikepacking

Bikepacking is the ideal way to explore by bike, whether by road or trail. The bags are attached to the bike in such a way as to keep the weight centred maintaining the integrity of the bike’s handling and ability to ride the toughest of tracks. Scott will be talking bags and gear over this series of articles, starting with these cockpit bags from Revelate Designs. Read more

The Advent of the E-Bike

I’m about to shatter a few illusions, so I’ll apologise in advance. Firstly, video did not kill the radio star – Steve Wright is living proof of the longevity of that format. Secondly, the Kindle did not kill off the book, and finally, and the reason for this blog – the E-bike will not kill […]

Triathlon Mindfulness and Self Discipline

Often athletes ask each other how is their training going, meaning how many days per week a person trains, how many miles he or she rides. But it’s just one part of the training process, the volume. There is another part that not all age-group triathletes, including those who are very serious about the sport, […]