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Road Bikes

There's a great selection of kit we like, both for the bike and to help you look after yourself. In the list below too, we have several upgrades and options to make your cycling even better.

An off the peg bike isn't always exactly what you need, nor what you want. Often, the only way to get your dream bike is to upgrade or to build it yourself. Recognising this, we test some top quality upgrades, to see if they make the mark, putting only the very best on our website, so that you can rely on the information.

Other Bike Stuff

Pirelli Zero Road Tyre

Classic Italian tire company, Pirelli

We don't want you guys confused about what gear to spend your hard earned money on. Too many options leave you still unsure about what you want or what you need. The gear listed here is all tested by our team and is listed as excellent 'kit we like', providing the right balance between quality and price.

Every cyclist wants to ensure that the cycling kit that they buy is the best cycling kit available, for price and for quality. Your time is precious, so you don't want overburdening with too many options either.

We test lots of gear for manufacturers and we don't give it our seal of approval

We want to point you in the right direction for good advice, and will be working closely with Feedback Sports from Colorado in the USA to bring you awesome kit and tips. Click the logo above to visit the Feedback Sports website

Best of all guys, it's free! Now we like that...lots.

Added to this, we want to increase our bike routes in the USA, and we'll be using the in-depth knowledge of our USA partners such as Feedback Sports, bringing you the ultimate ride locations for tarmac and trail Stateside.

Whether you’re a fair-weather rider who’s bike has been hibernating all winter, or a