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Lemon Chia Oatmeal Pancakes by Hannah Shell

Adam and I love to freestyle in the kitchen. It’s one of the best things we do, and have done since the very beginning together. We work best together when we get to be creative about accomplishing a mutual goal. We both have our strengths and weaknesses and push the other to try things we aren’t comfortable with. Adam is often finding creative ways to use leftovers and I’m pretty good at making sauces to compliment whatever he’s working on.

Our latest creation started because we accidentally ate the sweet potatoes we had originally intended for


May 17, 2018, Hannah G Shell

I'm thinking a lot lately about the various ways we connect as humans. If we’re each navigating our own world crafted by individual experiences, connection seems important to stay grounded. Connecting flights, connecting to music, connecting by racing together in the peloton, connecting by shared experience... I connect through riding and racing, in fact, it's one of the reasons I ride. But humans connect everywhere, all the time.

We wanted to do more with up and coming teams in 2018, especially in the USA, as we're a global website after all. Also being a fan of Pizza, Papa John’s Team seemed an obvious choice. Seriously though, it’s a great young team, full of colour and spirit and with a positive vibe about it. Time then to speak with team founder, Tish all about it...

Team founder Tish was a racer herself, coming from a sports background, racing cat 3 and was tops in Florida. Her husband raced masters too, so I guess it was a sports background for the kids to grow up, and yes, the kids were son racing too.

Fitness, Grit, Luck, and a Whole lot of Support

Hannah Shell, USA & Pappa John Racing UCI Team

What does it take to get through a UCI stage race? We spend a lot of time documenting the grit, team tactics, fitness, and pure suffering it takes from the riders. But results lists and social media posts don’t fully capture the effort, skill, and background logistics it takes from support staff to get the team to the line. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes to help riders make it through each stage.

I’m going to try to do justice to the insane amount of effort the team management put in to

Creating the Kit List

Hannah Shell, USA Road Cycling

We’ve all had that oh shit moment pulling up to a race realizing we forgot our shoes our bibs, our race number or some other essential race item.

My (sort of) solution to this forgetting problem is to have a race ready bag where I keep all my stuff. Our team is super fortunate to be sponsored by adidas for luggage and apparel. The adidas backpack is perfect because it has the best combination of big pockets and small pockets so that every item has a home. Here’s what I keep in my bag:

1. Shoes.