Biehler Elite Bib Shorts

We were very lucky with this review, with Biehler sending us the upgraded version of these bibs from their custom ranges. Now the standard Biehler gear is fantastic, and these upgraded shorts are absolutely superb – they truly are.

Design wise, we were sent a black and white Aztec style, that matched the trim on the Platzregen waterproof jacket and shorts range from Biehler, keeping us super stylish and modern. Fabric quality is ideal, with the usual mix of fabric weight and strengths that we’ve come to expect from Biehler. The use what they call Endurance Power Lycra in these shorts, which in essence has great compression qualities, dries quickly, as we’ve found in the Yorkshire Dales, and beads water really well too.

They use lighter lycra in key areas, with great wicking properties, saving the heavier materials just for the harder wearing spots, and for areas of the shorts where you need to keep the wind at bay. These are definitely a short made for the keen racers out there, but which will ensure great comfort for the recreational cyclists to, who wants to wear the best kit that they can.

The 4D Airmesh Ultra pad upgrade is for long distance rides, and we tested it to the full, with some epic climbing days in the saddle, and it was a truly comfortable seat; well formed, not too large, with the right mix of thicknesses in all the right places. The numerous compression panels helped with the overall fit of the bibs, and a thick powerband on the legs not only tidied up the design, but also ensured there was no movement, also adding some extra compression to help the guns out.

Mesh uppers are second to none, super stretchy and strong; retaining their shape and holding you firm. Biehler have added a pocket to the side, allowing you to either fit a radio unit or an ipod!

There is genuinely nothing bad that I can say about these bibs; they are so well thought out and well made, with top quality materials and finishing all around. Price wise, they range from just under 100 Euros for a single pair of custom bibs, to less than 65 Euros if you get the club together and order 100 pairs; and to be honest, you won’t find a better pair of club race bibs at that price.

Performance on the road has been great, right over the Autumn, Winter and early Spring. On warmer days they’ve allowed me to breath and sweat in relative comfort, and when it’s rained, they’ve dried off quickly, and been comfortable in the wet. When used with the Biehler warmers and a base layer, I’ve never felt cold, even on some bleak frosty trips out. As a metaphor, they’re the Audi A4 Avant Alltrack bibs; good for all occasions and all your days out in the saddle, coping with everything you can throw it them. So go tell your mates down the cycling club and get some ordered.