Biehler Arm & Leg Warmers

Using arm and leg warmers is a tricky thing; not because of any risk from the fashion police, although with some brands that ought to be the case. No, it’s tricky because at the point you’ve chosen to do so, you’ve undoubtedly also decided to wear shorts and a short sleeved jersey to; and in a country such as England, where the summer often lasts for only 3 days, give or take the odd hour, any wearing of shorts has to be controlled.

Add to this that not all brands make warmers; you’re then also left with the style issue too. You want it to be a seamless transition from warmer to garment, and not look like some Indo-hippie in psychedelic wonderment. This is where great accessory brands have come into their own, producing generic items; but, it’s still nice evening every now and then to wear the brand.

These arm and leg warmers from Biehler are spot on in all areas highlighted already. They’re specifically designed to blend in with current Biehler ranges, and they’re very warm indeed, also beading the necessary level of rain, and they fit smoothly under the cuff grippers on the brands bib shorts and short sleeved jersey. Better still, they actually stay in place and are long enough even for a cycling Cyd Charise. For the younger cyclists out there, Cyd had legs longer than Nadezhda Pavlova, a well-known triathlete and cyclist on social media. The 4 way stretch lycra also ensures that they cling to your well-formed guns to, highlighting that definition you’ve worked hard to achieve.

The thermal properties of the material are set one to none, working well in some significant winter cold spells, and against a driving chilled wondering, adding a nice compression benefit at the same time. Upper and ankle grippers are silicon, ensuring that they stay in place, all aided by the articulated cut and design.

We’ve struggled at times with some bulky warmers, but not so here. The material is strong, wicking and breathable, whilst being slim enough to feel good. They’ve performed well right across autumn and winter, and will not let you in spring. In effect, we reckon that they’re a sound investment first any Biehler fan. As for the shorts and jersey, well that’s another story. Biehler surpass most brands in this area first warmth too, and produce a great base layer, so take the hint and visit their website today. Price wise these are well worth every penny