Aeropress Coffee

I used to be a bit of a philistine when it came to coffee, coffee was just coffee and instant tasted okay. That was until I started drinking freshly ground and freshly made coffee. What a revelation and how bad instant now tastes. Far from being any kind of connoisseur, but I can now appreciate the subtle undertones of flavours in different coffees, although this has created a bit of hole for myself, demanding good coffee wherever I travel, even bikepacking.

Feedback Omnium Trainer Review

Stuck for trainer options due to space? This well engineered trainer from Feedback combines the best aspects of rollers & fixed trainer

The Technological Wheel

Technology, design and development within cycling

In a fast paced world, the humble bicycle is developing at rapid speed – pardon the pun! New genres of cycling have exploded onto the scene; Gravel, Enduro and Ebike all taking the industry in new directions. It’s time then to pause, to take it all in and to ensure that we keep ahead of the curve – or at least flying along in the same direction.