Craft Shelter Overshoes

Ours is a green and pleasant land – due to the amount of rain that we get, so overshoes are a must for every keen cyclist!

These Craft overshoes were a perfect addition to my spring cycling wear – they kept my feet dry and warm despite the frequent showers and they looked good too. The colour scheme is simple and effective in terms of style and safety, black in colour with the striking red detail and a reflective Craft logo. They were a little snug around my ankles but as I am not blessed with the most slender of legs, I think they’ll fit most male and female riders well.

I certainly preferred these to my winter neoprene overshoes, as despite being thinner, smarter and better fitting – the real measure of their performance was getting home after a long, wet ride, to my feet being surprisingly dry and being able to feel my toes!

The overshoes are surprisingly hard wearing, and have stood the test of time over a busy spring and summer. The zipper is of reasonable quality, as is the overall construction of the overshoe, being of good quality material and well put together. It’s this area that is often the weakest on overshoes, but Craft have used a very tough zipper and the shoe itself is flexible enough to take the strain of stretching.

My only criticism is the location of the zip being at the back, rather than side of the overshoes as it can make it a little awkward to fasten and seems to place more tension on the zip. Having said that, once zipped up the overshoes stayed put, did not unzip themselves mid ride and looked smart and aero – so these versatile overshoes would work for both training and racing.

Inside the overshoe, my feet stayed warm and dry, and I guess that’s all that matters. They stand the odd knock that we tend to give them and are very well made, with a high quality material being used.  Let’s remember that Craft made their name in Scandinavia, where tough gear counts.

A great buy. Well done Craft.