Cycology Miles Are My Meditation Jersey

We may not get the Australian sun here in the UK, but we do have some great roads for testing cycle clothing. This design orientated jersey fro Aussie brand Cycology is a great example of performance and style at an affordable price.

The cut of this short sleeve jersey if for performance, with the various panels designed to fit well to the form; what the form looks like is down to you. However, the high quality 2 way stretch fabric is very strong and very well stitched. There’s a heavier weave of cloth at the front, to keep cool winds at bay, and at the back Cycology have used a lighter mesh style cloth, to aid breathability in these hard working areas. The material is also treated to protect from the sun, up to factor 50. Whilst this is not too much of an issue here in Yorkshire, it’s a necessary addition for the cyclist.

Cycology have used Miti Italian gripper fabric for the sleeves and hem, helping to keep things in place, and it also avoids that pet hate of a jersey failing to sit flat at the hem.  The full length zipper is a good quality, and they’ve also added a good size zip pocket to the rear too – an often missed point by many brands, but a very useful one. The three other pockets are deep and strong, and will carry all you need without sagging.

How does the jersey perform … very well indeed. It’s well cut and fitted and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or restrictive. It keeps the cool winds off, and wicks away moisture well, whilst allowing the body to breathe.

The collar is a high cut, and it’s on a par with it’s competitors and does the job well. Riding out on long day rides, and on short speedier rides the jersey has done the job well.

Cycology designs are definitely unique, and this cool blue statement is subtle enough to make just the right impact.  If miles are your own mediation, then take a look at Cycology and treat yourself.