Cycology Velosophy Kit for Ladies

I’ve just had the pleasure of wearing the women’s Velosophy kit for the first time. Seeing how I’ve never worn anything by Cycology, I was curious to test the brand’s fit and comfort. The first thing I noticed was the top-to- bottom print, which struck me as very tattoo-inspired.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed all the smaller philosophical references within the print, such as “You Can’t Have Pleasure Without Some Pain”. The different messages behind the print resonated with me because I love designs that have a deeper meaning. The only problem with the smaller print is that the general impact of the design is lost from far away, as there are many different smaller elements going on. I do, however, appreciate the simplicity of the colors as I love primarily black and white kits. The pops of color are nice because they are easy to coordinate with socks/glasses/gloves, etc. – and of course, style is important.

As far as the fit goes, I was 99% happy, and only because the kit runs a tad big. If you wear a small in other brands, you may want to consider ordering an XS if you like your kits to fit snug. I find that when I wear bibs that are too loose, the chamois (despite quality and comfort) will shift around and cause irritation. I did really love the “Miti” leg grips, which helped to keep things in place and where they should be — the wider length helps eliminate the whole “sausage leg” problem many of us ladies face. I get a lot of comments and/or DM’s on Instagram from women asking questions about bib-length/general fit, and leg grippers are a huge part of the equation.

I almost always alter my bibs, by pulling the gripper up to hit the most flattering spot on my leg (never more than half way down my thigh) and from there, pull bibs up into place. The “Miti” grippers are great. They are body hugging, but forgiving enough for me to adjust and stretch ‘em into place. It’s a real plus point for Cycology, who have thought about the design and fit in detail.

Moving to the jersey then. The jersey is comfortable — and the material feels expensive, and I appreciate the combo of the stretchy front waistband and grippy back. I was pleased with little details like the reflective strips and a zipper pocket — although the pocket is only large enough for maybe a key or Chapstick.

Cycology are renowned for their designs, but the design of the Velosophy kit is not for everybody — I feel like the small top-to-bottom print is harder to pull off. However, the cut and fit is on point. Again, pay attention to the size you order online if you like your kits snug. Beyond that, I loved the kit and it performed well.

Going forward, I’m impressed and will wear it on my training rides, which is praise indeed — it’s both functional and looks different. I also really dig the inspirational messages within the print. Anything that motivates and adds meaning is worth having as part of your weekly kit rotation.