Hutchinson Fusion Galactik Road Tyre

Let’s talk tyres then; when these new ones arrived from French brand Hutchinson, we’d survived the winter, and whilst the debris still lay on the country roads, the sun was out and about and shining down on us – intermittently. It’s time then to make the most of those cold and damp miles – time for a fast tyre.

The new Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik is such a beast, and in it’s 23″ offering will definitely speed you along – but how does it grip? The answer is ‘not too bad for a narrow fast tyre’. Yes, you can get grippier rubber, but it rolls well, has good puncture protection and is reasonably fast. There’s always a balance to be had, and we think that Hutchinson have done quite well with the Fusion 5 Galactik.

The dual compound rubber provides a soft area on the road surface band around the centre, working reasonably well in terms of gripping the tarmac surface. We’ve thrown it into a few sketchy lanes and corners here in the Yorkshire Dales and not felt unnerved. It could do with a more refined tread area, but it’s a balance as we said. The lanes are strewn with gravel and field muck, and the Intensive 2 has done its job and rolled on through, keeping us fixed and upright.

The farmers have also been out and about trimming the hedgerows, leaving thorns and other sharp threats lying around, but the toughened and reinforced side walls have performed excellently. Puncture resistance is spot on, and when you do need to change tubes, they tyre comes off easily, without the need for a gurning face and weightlifter arms.

The Fusion 5 Galactik definitely climbs really well, with the grip biting in, even on the darker overhanging lanes that stay a bit greasy, and it speeds downhill fast too, even when the rain has been lying on the surface. It’s a dual compound tyre from this French brand, meaning that it’s intended for wet or dry, and I have to say we’ve been reasonably pleased in both conditions here in North Yorkshire. No offs yet, and that’s always a factor when testing.

Riding into the summer, the longivity and grip of the tyre is beyond reproach, and the compounds keep on working, with a very reasonable wear factor. Hutchinson has a good general tyre here in the Intensive, and it’s one that club riders and those out to enjoy themselves will definitely benefit from.

We’ve gone through autumn and winter, and with spring just around the corner, now is a good time to get some fitted yourself.