JLVelo Ladies Tribal Bib Shorts

Let’s start as we mean to go on shall we — the JLVelo kits is absolutely wonderful! Due to its colours and design, the kit definitely stands out. In simple terms, it makes me feel pretty and special – and that’s important to us ladies.

Quality & Style

The material is high quality, soft, elastic and with breathable texture. Not only nice to touch, but is also fits like a glove due to the panelling and cut. It moulds on every shape and curve – critical for riding and for style.

Bib shorts are made with wicking lycra mesh, providing stability and comfort. The central panel is seamless on inner thigh to minimize friction; and the supple stretch of Zaffiro fabric continues up the body and onto the straps for full breathability when riding. Moreover, you can see that the stitching is carefully done. Another sign of the quality that JLVelo put into their garments.

The ends of the sleeve, jersey and bibs have a good grip sewn in, and are thoroughly comfortable. Silicone strip elastic does the task very well, and keeps the jersey put.

Ladies cycling kit

The Importance of Comfort

Most important, when it comes to riding long distances, you need a very good quality pad, and JLVelo kit has it! The premium level bib is made from bluesign fabrics and one of two high-end pads for unparalleled comfort. The JLVelo Chamois comes with the highest standard in this price point, the AirCell Carbon chamois made by TMF.

It’s a great pad, made by a renowned company, and one that actually works. The people at JLVelo have done their homework. After all, they’re cyclists themselves. Anyway, the JLVelo designs are modern, stylish, colourful and very feminine.

Training becomes a joy when you do it with style! If you look good, you feel good.

Whatever you say, you know this is important. Style isn’t everything, but it is high on the list for all cyclists in truth!
Pockets and zips are useful and well-designed onto the garment. Three back pockets with double tacked elastic keep your snacks in, and other bits and pieces. And the addition of the zipped pocket means that keys and coins are kept safe too.