Kask Mojito Cycling Helmet

When a cycling helmet becomes a popular choice within our own writing team, it has to be good. The Kask Mojito is that helmet of choice for many of our riders, giving that necessary performance and style that cyclists across all genres require.

The Kask Mojito is at the lower end of the range for this high end Italian brand, but it’s still a high end helmet by ordinary standards. Weighing in at only 220g, it’s reasonably light and very comfortabl, having 26 vents, which aren’t as large as vents on some of the other lids in the Kask range, but then again I’m a person who doesn’t like large holes in my cycling helmet, and the Mojito performs more than adequately on hot days in the saddle. Air seems to circulate well, and the level of usual helmet head dampness on tough and hot days riding, is more than acceptable.

The Mojito is a stylishly simple design by Kask and comes in a variety of colours, meaning that there’s a Mojito to match any kit. It really is a very good looking cycling helmet, sleek and a with a fashionable design look to it. There’s nothing ultra fancy about this helmet and we really do like this. It sits on your head without being imposing or weird looking, like some of the modern cycling helmets seem to. And when you like to look and feel good in stylish cycling gear, that includes the hat 😉  – as you can see from our images.

Fitting is simple and the strong adjustable cradle has a simple dial-turn adjustment and retention ratchet at the rear, pulling the helmet in comfortably. The pads on the inner cradle are also replaceable should the need arise. In terms of safety, I was wearing a Mojito when a car hit me full on in Nice, France a few years ago, and thankfully it did its job perfectly, leaving me with just back injuries and cuts and bruises, but walking or limping away. Ultimately, that’s why we wear a good cycling helmet and the Mojito is a personal favourite of the team here at Pedalnorth, with Larisa also having one in her extensive cycling wardrobe.

Price wise it’s cheaper than the equivalent Giro or Lazer and is a good purchase for the intelligent and cash conscious cyclist who likes some style too.