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Pedalnorth has created the best cycle routes development team in Europe, working with some of the leading brands in the outdoor world and cycling. Coming from within the cycling world, the team has a vast experience in many areas, including at government level, advising on cycling training programmes for the U.K..

Pedalnorth Consultancy is a new and dynamic cycling tourism and cycling development consultancy that utilises the skills and knowledge of the Pedalnorth website writing team. It helps out the volunteer team at Pedalnorth, by managing the new accommodation areas of the website, to maximise reader opportunities for their own cycling holidays. We also help the team to help you, by sharing their knowledge and expertise with your own cycling projects, getting more people living a healthier life on 2 wheels. We’d love to talk with you about taking your own cycle development and cycle tourism ideas to the next level, or to simply help you to maximise the health and well-being of your own organisation through cycling. Why not contact our team and let their individual expertise help you.

With access to leading cycle tours, holidays and bikecation vacations, lets get you moving in the right direction – by bike!

Why not visit the main Pedalnorth.com website and book yourself a cycling holiday too, with one of the great cycling routes developed by the Pedalnorth Consultancy team. You can also book the best place to stay, with our partners at Booking.com and make the most of your own unique cycling vacation.


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