Refined Roadwear Ladies Pro Cycling Bibs

We all need good shorts when cycling’ it’s vital if you don’t want to be rubbing cream in for weeks on end. Yes, good shorts are as vital to cyclists as fish is to a cat! Thankfully, these shorts from Refined Roadwear are the cat’s whiskers – and that’s good!

Style & Performance

For too many years, ladies bib shorts were simply a variation on the men’s shorts. It’s taken time for us to get exactly what we want, and Refined have produced a bib short here that fits any cyclist needs. Although being just one base color of black or navy blue, unlike many brands, Refined have used multiple panels to cut the short well, ensuring a great fit to always fit better, with the various sections sewn well.

The material is also super tough and stretchy, adding to the clinging feeling. Everything fits well, with no sags and uncomfortable areas. It doesn’t move or it’s loose. The short simply fits your body tightly, looking smooth and stylish, so the rest is up to you ladies! The compression on the legs is fantastic, has precision flat-seam stitching; perfect chamois placement, texture, and bulk; breathable upper material.

The legs are nicely kept in place with TP bands, which don’t feel constricting, and also stop the material riding up. The Lycra used in the shorts is pre dyed and pre-treated, ensuring that it stays comfortable and stylish as you work hard. The pad is made from preformed higher density foam and is between thick and thin in the right places, and just perfect. It’s soft and it absorbs sweat fast and doesn’t keep humidity. On both long and short rides it’s very comfortable and doesn’t move during rides. Finishing off with the straps, they are just right, nicely tight and made of mesh to help your body breath, and are cut as a special design for ladies.

Having said that, if I were to invest in multiple pairs of the same short for a season, these would be the shorts. Why? Because they’re dependable and financially approachable. The leg gripper isn’t going to wear out, the stitching is good, and the compression is consistently supportive.

Overall then, Refined have gone out of their way to produce a stylish, colourful and modern designed jersey and shorts. They’ve chosen high quality materials and finished it all of very well, making sure that you get a great ride and look the business. I like this kit a lot and it feels like it will last a long time too, which is always a consideration. I’m more than happy to recommend it. It’ll keep you riding in comfort and looking like a cyclist should.