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Having Nadezhda on the team allows us to bring the very best traithlon training advice and tips to you, using her coaching skills and wealth of knowledge.

This page is full of useful articles, blogs and kit tips to help you on your triathlon journey.

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The main goal of any training is to set the necessary level of physical fitness for a certain moment during the sports season. Easy passage of the race requires months of hard and painstaking work 😉 However, not many athletes reach their maximum form. Even fewer of them know how to achieve this.

When you find yourself on the verge of a true peak, you will experience a series of physical changes, the combined effect of which will lead to an amazing result. These changes are an increase in leg muscle power, a decrease in the amount of lactic acid produced, an increase in blood volume and red blood cell concentration, as well as a significant accumulation of energy reserves. In addition to physical changes, you will notice an improvement in mental skills, concentration, increased self-confidence and motivation. All this will mean that you have really reached the form necessary to participate in races and for this you will not need to take any illegal drugs at all.

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Training can improve the level of physical fitness, but first you need to remove all unnecessary. After a stressful exercise with a high load, your form will be much worse than before the start of the lesson. This is easy to notice if you try to repeat it again immediately after completing the exercise. If the load level is acceptable, and the exercise is followed by rest, your body will recover in a few hours or a couple of days, and as a result, physical fitness will become a little better. This principle is called “overcompensation.”  😉 Let’s train together then, using the advice on our website and make sure that you don’t overtrain.

Repeated overcompensation, aimed at improving physical fitness, becomes effective only when you apply the right overload at the right time 🙂

Knowing what an optimal load is and when to apply it is one aspect of the art of training. Science can point the right way, but you must yourself, through trial and error, determine what exactly is acceptable to you.

The articles and information that we’ll provide you with, will allow you to properly structure your own training plans, as we est out our triathlon limits together 🙂



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