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We’ve been writing with and for leading brands for many years. Over that time, we’ve developed our knowledge of what the customer is after, and how to present that brand to them. Robert and Nadezhda also have experience, leading brand development, and in managing strategy at a national level.

AS well as working directly for world-leading brands within cycling as a editor and copywriter, Robert is also a former member of the U.K. Governments ‘Dept. for Transport’, Cycle Training Standards Board, where he was the official representative for the U.K. Police Service. He was also the U.K. Representative Lead for Online Crime, for the G8 TransNational Crime Group, working at a strategic level. He has carried out numerous strategic reviews for Chief Officers, and is currently working with many leading brands, to help drive them forward.

Nadezhda is a graduate of the Havard Business School, and as well as running her own design and sports clothing brand, she has worked with many global brands, supporting their marketing campaigns.

Our Experience & Expertise

Our own cycling and mountain biking routes are recognised around the world for their quality. In terms of planning and logistical management of cycle events, we’ve also worked on the support, planning and operation of events such as: the Olympic Torch Relay, 2 x Mountain Bike World Cup events, Tour de France logistical planning, a season long Arts Festival to promote the TdF, the Tour de Yorkshire.

Let’s Develop You

Whether it’s help with the planning and stratgey for an event, help in creating a cycle route or event, or help in promoting and establishing your own brand or business in a chosen marketplace, Larisa, Robert and Nadezhda have the skills and experience to make things happen. We’ve been testing and writing about products for many years, and Nadezhda as a designer, coach and athlete, knows execatly what’s reuired in terms of the business and athlete perspective. We’re also experienced in using our contacts and knowledge of cycling markets in the U.K. , USA and in Europe, to maximise product exposure and promotion. Together with our knowledge of the various cycling consumer groups, why not contact us here at the Wordsmith Studio, and let’s see how we can bring your own brand to life.

Cycle Tourism & Events

Let’s work together to deliver cycling

Pedalnorth has been developing great road and mountain biking routes for many years. Our ‘Mountain Bike C2C’ route is one of the most popular in the Uk and globally, and our new ‘Gravel Bike C2C’ is the first of its kind in England. Our routes are so popular, that when the U.K.s largest outdoor retailer produced guides on routes for the 3 largest National Parks, our routes were their top choice 🙂 .

Also, knowing the roads and mountains as well as these guys too, and with their strategic and logistical  planning experience, our team have worked with others to help plan and manage leading events all over the world, at all levels  – from grassroots local events, all the way to world level races. Robert worked closely with British Cycling, to help with the strategic and operational planning for 2 x MTB World Cup events in the U.K., and likewise helped to deliver logistical planning for the TdF when it visited Yorkshire, and for several TdY events.We also have experience, leading the management and planning of large scale Arts Festivals , leading up to major sporting events.

Supporting Local & Regional Events

Maybe you’d like us to come along and help you to decide on how to develop your own project, or to create a brochure, leaflet or blog for you, to help to promote the event. We have the skills and the track record to maximise  the opportunity to succeed, and our editorial team of Robert and Nadezhda are recognised internationally for their cycling route development experience, knowledge and promotion of cycling routes and events.

Why not contact our team today, so that we can bring our knowledge and expertise into your organisation, and work together to bring your own routes or events to the world.

Let Robert and Nadezhda help you to bring your ideas to life, with their exceptional route development and event planning skills, helping you to move your own brand, organisation or idea forward – here at the Wordsmith Studio – where ideas come to life 🙂 .

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