Liability and Risk Statement


This is a statement by which informs you of the associated risks inherent to cycling as a activity. Whilst we publish a variety of routes for both road and mountain biking, these are only intended as a assistance tool for riders, who shall make their own decision regarding the actual route to be ridden and the manner of doing so, based upon their skills, their equipment, the terrain, the prevailing weather, and the traffic conditions.


It is the responsibility of the individual cyclist to assess their own abilities against the route that they choose to ride from within the route selections.

Mountain biking in particular can be hazardous, and riders should be aware that they need to wear safety kit, and have a good knowledge of map reading and first aid.

Cyclists should ensure that their bike is in good condition and the brake is working and all other parts are serviceable before setting off.

Certain parts of both the road routes and the mountain bike routes will have hazardous sections. It is for the rider to choose how and if they tackle these.

Our routes are published simply as a means of assisting cyclists in their own decisions on where to ride. cannot be held responsible for issues that arise following the riders own decision to ride along a section of a particular route. Our route grading is only a guide. Cyclists should not overstretch their abilities, and should not extend themselves if conditions would dictate more care should be taken.

Cyclists should be well prepared and should carry sufficient food and drink for the journey. Consideration should be given to carrying a first aid kit and maps. do not accept any responsibility for any death, injury or other loss suffered or caused by cyclists, resulting from their own conduct or any matter or condition under the control of that cyclist that amounts to their own contributory negligence.