Liability and Risk Statement

 This is a statement by which informs you of the associated risks inherent to cycling as a activity. Whilst we publish a variety of routes for both road and mountain biking, these are only intended as a assistance tool for riders, who shall make their own decision regarding the actual route to be ridden and the manner of doing so, based upon their skills, their equipment, the terrain, the prevailing weather, and the traffic conditions. We also recommend that cyclists carry first aid kits and know how to administer first aid in an emergency – particularly in remote areas. A fully charged mobile telephone with a good signal is also suggested. 


It is the responsibility of the individual cyclist to assess their own abilities against the route that they choose to ride from within the route selections. We recommend that all cyclists wear helmets and gloves and eyewear when cycling.

Mountain biking in particular can be hazardous, and riders should be aware that they need to wear safety kit, helmet and have a good knowledge of map reading and first aid.

Cyclists should ensure that their bike is in good condition and the brake is working and all other parts are serviceable before setting off.

Certain parts of both the road routes and the mountain bike routes will have hazardous sections. It is for the rider to choose how and if they tackle these, or whether it is safer and more sensible to walk. Cyclists should also adhere to any guidance or laws applicable to the country in which they are cycling. We do not condone any cycling which flouts any guidance or laws governing use of any road, highway, trail or byway, and all cyclists have a personal duty to make themselves aware of local laws, rules and governance, including those with regards to type of vehicles and their safe usage. 

Our routes are published simply as a means of assisting cyclists in their own decisions on where to ride. It is ultimately your decision to ride a route that is shown on our website. The condition of all routes is outside of our control and should be taken into account at the time of your choosing to ride it or otherwise. 

Website content

We expressly limit our liability in that the routes, articles and reviews published on this website are for information purposes only, and are not intended to constitute professional advice, and that the published information will not always be up to date. Visitors who use this website do so at their own risk. cannot be held responsible for issues that arise following the riders own decision to ride along a section of a particular route. Our route grading is only a guide. Our mountain bike routes follow public rights of way or agreed and known cycle paths, and as such are shown on various maps relating to the geographic area in which they exist. They are open and accessible to all, including those who do so without any knowledge of our website. As such, they are deemed publicly accessible and we cannot therefore be held responsible for any cyclist who chooses to take a ride along such a route. Cyclists should not overstretch their abilities, and should not extend themselves if conditions would dictate to a ordinary citizen that more care should be taken.

Our road cycling routes are on publicly accessible roads and highways open to all. It is the free will decision of any road user, be it on foot, on bicycle or in a vehicle as to whether and how they use that road or highway. Accordingly, our suggested routes are choices for individuals to make themselves and we cannot be held responsible for the condition of that road at any given time, or whether any cyclist chooses to use that road. Cyclists must always take time to consider all aspects of the road and environment, including how busy it might be with other road users, and they must be aware of the obvious road dangers that would exist to any competent person when making a choice to ride along that road, including weather conditions, lighting, safety and road surface quality.

Cyclists should be well prepared and should carry sufficient food and drink for the journey. Consideration should be given to carrying a first aid kit and maps. do not accept any responsibility for any death, injury or other loss suffered or caused by cyclists, resulting from their own conduct or any matter or condition under the control of that cyclist that amounts to their own contributory negligence or the condition of their bike or the route itself at the time at which the cyclist visited the route. 

Liability of website users

Any website users must not use information contained on our website in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful. We accept no responsibility for any loss or harm incurred by persons taking part in unlawful cycling activity. Where access rules and laws have changed since any route shown on this website was published, it is the responsibility of the website user to check on all up to date access restrictions that relate to any cycling route on prior to riding that route.

Limit of liability for viruses, damage and availability

It is the responsibility of website users to manage their own access, security and virus issues concerning any route or location published on this website. Whilst we link out to other cycle related websites, we cannot be held responsible for the security of these websites, and it is the choice of the individual user to determine whether or not they feel a link is safe. 

We are not responsible for the content of websites that link into our own website, or those who copy and use content from our website.

Legal jurisdiction

The website website operates under English Law and any disputes that arise anywhere in the world, will take place in an English court. We operate under UK jurisdiction and do not recognise the authority of any other legal jurisdiction.