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Kit for Head, Hands & Feet

The most important areas of your kit choices are the head, hands and feet. Often secondary to cyclists, it’s critical to get these items right.

Working across the cycle industry, we’ve lined up a small selection of the best items for you, from Kask and Met helmets in Italy, to Lake Shoes, and GripGrab gloves and accessories. These are in our mind the leading items to put in your own cycle wardrobe.

Style and performance doesn’t stop at cycling jerseys and shorts. It has to cover you from head to toe, and that’s why Larisa and the team want to show you the helmets, gloves, socks and shoes that finish off their cycling wardrobes.

Taking our time to research brands, we only show you the kit that we’d happily use for ourselves, and which gives the best performance – and style 😉 Just ask Larisa!

Lake CX 177 Road Cycling Shoes and Larisa Chinces

Living in the mountainous region of Transylvania, in Romania, Larisa has easy access to steep and challenging roads. Let’s find out what Larisa thinks of the new Lake Cycling CX 177 road cycling shoes in this tough terrain
March 31, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

ALE Ladies Cold Weather Accessories 2023

Once the sun is under the clouds, it’s much colder, and so, we have to dress smart. The base layer and accesories like gloves, necktube, shoe cover, socks are equally important as the main kit when choosing how to dress-up for the ride.
March 21, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

Cycle Shoe Cleat Maintenance and Replacement

Have you got pain in the knees or feet when cycling? If so, why not visit one of the skilled Lake shoe fitting experts at their retail partners, and getting them to take a close look at your feet and cycling position - give yourself some well-earned foot love! We really believe in getting your cycling shoes properly fitted, and that means Lake Cycling - the best cycling shoes in the world.
March 18, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

Lake Cycling 242 Cycling Shoe

Is the new Lake Cycling 242 shoe, the most comfortable cycling shoe in the world? Our editor, Robert, thinks that it just might be. Read why in this blog
February 25, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

Foot Love

Watching SIDAS and Lake setting up at the Boardman Centre, it was clear that this was going to be an interesting day. True to this, a skeletal foot came out ... interesting.
August 4, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Rosti Hypno Jersey Bibs and Socks

ROSTI are a design orientated cycling wear brand, but they also excel in performance. Here's their latest mens kit, just in time for sprimg and summer. The HYpno jersey is both unique and stylish.
April 20, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

RH+ ELITE EVO W Ladies Jersey and Pista Shorts

Spring is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to take time and prepare for hot summer, by choosing new stylish cycling clothing. What we all look for in summer clothing is to be comfortable and to sweat less while wearing them. Luckily, now we have advanced technical fabrics to make it happen.
March 16, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Cronos CR3 Boa Carbon Road Cycling Shoe

When you think of Italian shoes, you instinctively think of style, and this is also true with cycling shoes. Cronos is a brand that’s becoming more widely known in Europe, as it grows in popularity at all levels, from the social cyclist, to the UCI Pro rider; and it’s easy to see why, when you look across their range.
March 3, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

MET Helmet Road Vinci MIPS

MET make cycling helmets for some of the top road bike teams in the world. They know their stuff and the research shows this, with technological designs to add safety to comfort and speed. It’s time to take a look at one of their latest lids.
December 9, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Rh+ 3 in 1 Cycling Helmet

Helmets are a tricky item of kit for all of us. After all, we have different head shapes and sizes, making it tricky to find a helmet that matches your own shape. And, it’s clearly the most vital safety item for cyclists, meaning that the helmet you choose should be well designed with your safety in mind. Rh+ understand this, and their 3 in 1 helmet is a great option for riders who ride multiple disciplines: road, mtb and gravel.
September 29, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

GripGrab Race Thermo X Overshoes

The weather has been so awful this winter that the roads have been constantly filled with mud and debris fom the fields. When it came to reviewing these Grip Grab MTB/XC overshoes, we decided then to do something different - how would they stack up on these debris laden roads as a general pair, suitable for both mountain bike and road and saving you some money.
February 7, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Elastic Interface Palm Technology

You’ve got to hand it to Elastic Interface, literally - you really have to. This dynamic and forward thinking Italian technological fabric solution brand have done it again. I mean, how do you reinvent a cycling glove? After all, it’s just a glove isn’t it; with bits of fabric stitched together in the shape of a hand and then pads sewn into the fabric. Well, as the saying goes: ‘the past is another country - they do things differently there!’
December 8, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

DL Killer Cycling Shoes

To be a good cyclist, you need good shoes. This ensures that you are comfortable and able to utilize maximum power when on the bike. There are specially designed shoes to bring out the best in you!
August 25, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Ale Winter Cycling Gloves

Here’s the deal people: “It’s not over until it’s over!” Yes, the cold winds of winter will stay for a while yet, especially in the high passes and hill areas. Thankfully Alé make great cold weather gloves
March 12, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Ale Klimatik Winter Overshoes

Cycle overshoes are simple really: they need to be waterproof, strong and stretchy, with excellent fastenings that don’t come apart
March 12, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website
Larisa Chinces Studley Royal

Lake Shoes CX176

We ladies want to look good no matter the circumstances and that means that when we are at work, at school, at a date, or even doing sport or other kind of activities we want to look pretty and feel good - and we love shoes 😉
December 8, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

ALÉ Sunset Kit for summer

ALÉ Cycling is famous for its high quality Italian material and a variety of colours and prints. This spring I had the chance to review the new summer 2019 Sunset cycling kit from ALÉ
May 26, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Lake Shoes & Christian Van Asten

Leading one of the top footwear brands in the industry, Christian values the consumer highly, and so takes time to travel all over the globe visiting shops and consumers
March 14, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Kask Mojito Cycling Helmet

When a cycling helmet becomes a popular choice within our own writing team, it has to be good. The Kask Mojito is that helmet of choice for many of our riders, giving that necessary performance and style that cyclists across all genres require.
March 12, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

GripGrab Race Thermo Hi-Vis Overshoe

In the harshest of conditions you need the best of kit. Riding in the Yorkshire Dales in winter can be icy cold and snow bound at times, and these are the conditions for which this overshoe has been designed.

GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Shoe Cover

GripGrab say that it's the warmest overshoe on the market, and they're probably correct. It's cut and sewn from 4mm waterpoof neoprene, with a hollow fibre lining to ensure comfort, and it works.

GripGrab Race Aqua Overshoes

You just need to look and feel these overshoes to know that they're the very best quality. In fact, they look as good turned inside out as they do on the protective side. GripGrab have gone to town on the design and materials used, and they fit on easily, stretch with toughness, and simply perform superbly and look the business.

Q36.5 Termico Overshoes

Craft Shelter Overshoes

Nalini Muggio Cold Weather Gloves

Nalini Red Label Gloves

Rosti Soft Touch TT Glove

These really are a well thought out and we’ll made glove. Using a one piece, strong and stretchy Tavolara fabric on the back of the hand, with a long pull on tab that’s part of the palm cloth, they’re extremely light and very well fitted.

GripGrab Shark Gloves

Not everyone likes riding with gloves on year round, but since your hands are one of the first things you thrust out to arrest your fall in the event you come off your bike then its far better to trash a pair of gloves than the skin on your hands!

GripGrab Windster Gloves

I like to be warm. There's nothing wrong with this, and these great winter gloves from Danish brand GripGrab do the job extremely well.

GripGrab Roadster Gloves

Danish brand GripGrab doesn’t make a bad glove, or anything else that's not top quality to be frank. These Roadster summer gloves are a good example of what they do produce - great quality gear for the serious cyclist or for the club rider that simply wants to be sure that they gear will perform.

GripGrab Racing Glove

Made with the usual GripGrab attention to detail, they've gone a stage further this year, adding well thought out silicone gel inserts on the inside of the fingers, holding the glove firmly in place as you gain maximum control of the gears and brake levers, and all manner of other devices.

GripGrab Hurricane Gloves

There are some items of cycling gear that often get overlooked, but which are critical when looked at; gloves is one such item. A good pair will keep us warm, dry, protect us in falls, and allow us to use our smart devices whilst wearing them

GripGrab Aero TT Glove

We've spent the summer looking at several gloves from Danish brand GripGrab, and their Aero TT gloves are a real stand out item. There's nothing fancy about GripGrab, they simply design items to do as required, and these gloves fit ... well, like a glove.

POC Octal AVIP MIPS Helmet

Met Rivale Helmet