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We believe that cycle tourism is on the increase, and so we want to provide our readers with the very best information from all over the world.

Many of our team already work within the cycling industry across Europe and elsewhere. Through our vast global network of writers, we’re building up a great network of useful guides and travel companies to take care of you, or to simply help you plan your very own special cycling bikecation.

Switzerland mountain biking

We regularly visit bikecation’s all over the world and we’ll be adding to the database of advice on this section of the website in the future. In particular, Hungary, which is a superb bikecation location, with sun and spa hotels to soothe you, will be a key focus.

All you need to do is to smile and ride the miles. Planning a bikecation is now easier than you think. Keep reading our guides and plan your own trip of a lifetime.

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UK Bikecation Holidays

There are some amazing places to take a trip to with you bike, be on on road or mountain bike, simply start to explore the world on 2 wheels. We’ll be deleveloping this section with partners, hopefully bringing you some amazing offers to help you on your travels.

Why not subcribe to our blogs and let us send you details of new bikecation location ideas and lots of other great details.

Elterwater Independent Hostel
During 2020 and beyond, we want to help you to get back to what riding is all about -adventure. In
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Larisa Chinces riding Bianchi at Brimham Rock Road
Cycling Nidderdale
Ssh…don’t tell anyone about this place. It’s a real gem and a secret cycling centre of excellence – Nidderdale. With
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Mountain bike holidays
EBike Holidays
Specialist operator H+I Adventures is leading the charge in e-mountain bike travel, set to be the big trend in adventure
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Garvia Pass Cycling Route
Gavia Pass and Mortirolo Pass
If you’re cycling the Stelvio pass, then stay in the area and tackle these two epic climbs during your stay.
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Stelvio Pass cycling Route
Stelvio Pass Cycle Route
There are some roads that are simply iconic. You only need to see an image of this amazing road to
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Laura Celdran Picos de Europe mountain bike
Return to Picos De Europe
Being a simple community of like minded riders from around the globe, it’s great to read about each others adventures.
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L’Ardechoise 2019
The Ardéche is well known amongst those seeking to explore it’s spectacular gorges and relax by or explore its meandering
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Forests and Mountains
Finding a break in the U.K. summer weather has been though this year, especially when we’ve been out on photo
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London by Bike
We are at Liverpool Street in the City of London, deciding to rent bikes and start exploring and there is
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Touring Lake Balaton Part 3
Day 6 Larisa and Robert So it is our last day cycling, and I was both excited and sad at
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Touring Lake Balaton Part 2
Day 4 Larisa & Robert Setting off from our hotel with a larger peloton, today was to be a day
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Touring Lake Balaton Part 1
It’s 40 years since Freddie Mercury and Queen sang ‘I want to ride my bicycle’ and these lyrics are now
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Romania Bikecation Holidays
Cycling in Romania is a delight. There are a lot of beautiful trails or roads in the mountains and in
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Romania Mountain Biking Routes
A land of myth and legend, of beautiful countryside, enchanting villages, and historic castles – Romania is all of this
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Romania Road Cycling Routes
A land of myth and legend, of beautiful countryside, enchanting villages, and historic castles – Romania is all of this
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Sibiu and Transfagarasan Highway
Larisa Chinces, deputy editor I’m not an expert of cycling, neither road cycling nor mountain biking, but one thing I
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Cycling around Lake Tisza
After the Balaton Tour in Hungary from 2 weeks ago, the organizer, Tamas Takács from ‘Ride Hard’, invited me to
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