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Diane Vilarem – Yoga Instructor & Cyclist

As cyclists, we’re always looking for new ways to build our strength, speed and endurance. It’s natural – after all, we’re athletes in the main. Many cyclists will have stretching regimes after a ride, and the really switched on riders will build stretching sessions into their fitness planning. Have you ever thought about Yoga for cyclists though – and if not, why not. Like stretching, Yoga has so much to offer cyclists in terms of reducing soreness and aching muscles after a ride, and it can also help with mental relaxation too – which is why we think that cycling and yoga go together like… well, like cyclists and coffee  😉

Diane Vilarem: Yoga teacher and cyclist

Time to talk yoga and cycling then, and to open up your body and mind and the benefits for cyclists doing yoga, as we begin our journey into a better well-being together. First of all and importantly, yoga helps your movement and breathing, opening up access to the tools that you’ve had lying dormant which will allow you to take control of your breathing and to be better able to control your heart rate – meaning better and more stable fitness performance. It will also keep your muscles and ligaments more supple and reduce the likelihood of injury, meaning more time riding – that got you interested didn’t it! Add to this the mental well-being and increased mindfulness, then you start to wonder ‘why haven’t I tried yoga before!’ Don’t worry, we’ve come to your physical and mental health rescue, as we explore the benefits of yoga for cyclists – say hi to Diane, our Yoga Instructor and all around cool cyclist from the south of France.

Diane is here to get you into a yoga state of mind as a cyclist and to help you to help yourself into a better lifestyle – with cycling and yoga at it’s heart: time to get flexing!

When it doubt, pedal it out! 😉

I want to inspire you to be the very best version of yourself, with my lifestyle articles, nutrition and recipes, and tips on where to ride – as well as my Yoga articles for cyclists – let me guide you to your own positive place.

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SIGR Team Descent Jersey

“Beautiful, comfortable cycling jerseys for going fast in. But that also look great at the coffee stop”  🙂

Stylish Viking brand Sigr was born in Umeå, in the cold and dark parts of northern Sweden. As the focus of this brand is to manage wet and cold days, they wanted to see how it performs on the hot French Riviera. The first impression of this model is really “wow, I love the design”!
May 3, 2024/by Pedalnorth Website

SIGR Bib Short Riksväg 92 Cargo

I've really enjoyed testing out the kit from SIGR. It's well made, stylish and modern and performs well.It's a new brand to me, but one that I would happily recommend. In terms of the testing, last but not least, what is a kit review without making sure the bib shorts are holding the same standards as the jerseys, right?
May 2, 2024/by Pedalnorth Website

Nicholas Roche Interview

One of the most enigmatic and well known cyclists within the peloton, Nicholas Roche is an interesting character. He's twice been national champion and has twice finished in the top ten of the Vuelta a España, and won stages in 2013 and 2015. Nicholas has also competed for Ireland 7 times at the road world championships. So what's he really like - time to chat...
September 30, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

SIGR Sverigeloppet Black Jersey

“Beautiful, comfortable cycling jerseys for going fast in. But that also look great at the coffee stop”.
Diane Vilarem has been out testing this stylish ladies jersey from Swedish brand, SIGR
August 11, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Biehler Signature Ladies Bib Shorts

Stylish performance bib shorts from German brand Biehler ,tested in the South of France by Diane - are these shorts as good as they look - read on and find out 🙂
June 17, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Biehler Supreme Cycling Jersey

Biehler like to design modern cycle clothing that also perfroms at the highest level. Riding in the south of France is uncompromising, with steep hills and a hot sun, so kit needs to work well. And, as a women, it also needs to look good - so let's take a look 😉
June 17, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Mont Ventoux with Diane Vilarem

Mt Ventoux? The legendary climb. For whatever reason everyone kept talking about it. “Have you ridden Mt Ventoux yet? It’s awesome” If you google famous Col’s in France this one always pops up high up on the list. I had to find out why! Could it be even harder than the holy grail of the French Riviera - Col de la Bonette?
May 13, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Marcus Smith Marathon Man

Some people are just inspirational. Marcus Smith is one such person. This amazing athlete ran 30 marathons in 30 days, came back from near death and still competes. Being a good friend of Marcus, Diane  decided to have a chat with Marcus and to find out more...
March 30, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

DS Pro Floweral Outlines One Piece Suit

Cyclists wants to look stylish and to be confident while riding, and DS PRO has really captured this into their selection of outfits. And, as women we want and deserve to be stylish. Having examined the new DS Pro Floweral Outlines one-piece TriSuit when it arrived, it was soon time to actually put it on and get out riding into the French Maritime Alps.
March 22, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Col de Turini from Nice

The Col de Turini is a classic route in the hills close to Nice. It's featured on the Tour de France and is a favourite formany locals riders. Read Diane's account,as she chooses this as her first ever mountain col cycle route.
February 17, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Rudy Von Berg Triathlete Interview

Rudy Von Berg is one of the best triathletes in the world. Triathletes know that adding something special to training can you give you an edge, and so Diane takes Rudy on a Yoga journey and interviews him about his triathlon life.
January 16, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Diane Vilarem – Anjaneyasana Yoga Pose

As part of our series on 'Yoga for Cyclists', a second pose I encourage you to try is Anjaneyasana which is a low lunge pose bringing many benefits such as stretching the psoas muscle, tight quads, hamstrings, groin and hips. It is also very good for opening the chest. This pose is excellent for athletes such as cyclists or runners. I suggest you practice it after every workout.
January 4, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Why should Cyclists do Yoga

So, why should cyclists do yoga?

Not only do we spend more and more time sitting (working on a computer, watching TV, driving, etc.) but, as cyclists, we tend to adopt a posture that pushes us to arch over our handlebars and move in a forward direction. This creates neck pain, shoulder and back strain and especially tight hip flexors. In addition, sitting for hours on a saddle leads to a shorter and underdeveloped psoas muscle (if you don’t know what or where your psoas muscle is located have a look at this).
December 25, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Yoga with Diane Vilarem

We want to bring you the very best cycling wellness and lifestyle advice for your sporting lifestyle. Say hi to Diane, our Yoga Instructor and cyclist from France. Develop your all around physical and mental well-being with Yoga and Diane, as we show you the benefits of yoga for cyclists.

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