Orbea Bikes Remote Rides Series

REMOTE RIDESWith Orbea BikesJoin the Revolution


There’s a movement happening within cycling, as more and more cyclists look to escape the norm and head for some wilderness solitude. Gravel bikes are no longer a phenomenon, and are now a normal option for all adventure seeking riders. Yes, people are heading to the hills once more, seeking out those long forgotten isolated places, where you’re more likely to be outnumbered by sheep than cars, and where the only sign on the horizon is ‘ride this way’.


Mountain areas have always been special to us, and a place where we head to renew our souls and find inner peace. And, there’s no better place to explore your own limits,  to feel your soul coming to life and merging with the world in a pact for life, than on a rocky and gravel strewn trail in the high hills, the air reverberating with the crunching under your tyres as you drift that switchback on a well tuned trail bike and get ready to grab some air on the approaching rock drop. Your senses are alive, your vision is working overtime and playing chess with the landscape, sending signals to your brain in advance of the trail ahead, allowing you to make the right line choice – and suddenly you are sent forward and airborne into adventure.


We all seek these wild and remote places, and a bike is the best way to access them, making the seemingly impossible now possible. If we examine our priorities, and if we think about life and its real meaning, then we can all find time to put down those phones and tablets and leave the chaos of society behind for a few hours. At Orbea Bikes, they understand this. They’re from the rugged and majestically beautiful Basque Country, surrounded by mountains and with wild and remote places  in abundance. It’s the perfect place to ride, and it’s the perfect place to design some of the best bikes in the world – bikes that are born to take you on your own personal journey.


We want to share a few very unique and very special remote rides with you. To show you that escapism on 2 wheels is still possible. If you still have that flickering flame of adventure inside you, then along with our friends at Orbea Bikes, we’re going to help you to re-ignite it, and bring you the very best wilderness rides in Europe. It’s time to join the new revolution and take to the hidden trails once more. It’s time for you to let your spirit free and renew your mountain soul, with Orbea – because bikes are born in the hills, and so are adventures.

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