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Whether or not you’re heading out into the mountains locally, or taking a bikecation abroad, travelling with your bike is far more frequent these days. We think that it’s important to get it right, and give your bike the best chance for staying looked after.

Time then to look at what we think are the best options for your own travels with your bike.

We’ll be looking at top brands, such as Scicon, Evoc, B&W, Thule, Inno and Yakima, to bring you only the very best choices for your precious bike.

These days, with so much carbon around, we need to take extra care, and frame protection has to be top of the list. That’s we we recommend bike carriers that hold the wheel rather than the frame.

Bristol based Tailfin have totally re-invented Bike Touring, with their unique carbon pannier that doesn’t touch the precious frame. We tested it on France on a long haul, and it really is a game changer.

Anyway, take a look below and get yourself kitted out for your own global cycling trip.