Bike Bags, Travel and Touring Stuff

Bike Bags, Travel & Touring Stuff

Travel Time 🙂

Whether or not you’re heading out into the mountains locally, or taking a bikecation abroad, travelling with your bike is far more frequent these days. We think that it’s important to get it right, and give your bike the best chance for staying looked after. Time then to look at what we think are the best options for your own travels with your bike.

These days, with so much carbon around, we need to take extra care and frame protection has to be top of the list. That’s we we recommend bike carriers that hold the wheel rather than the frame. In terms of bike boxes, top of the tree in our book is Yorkshire based Bike Box Alan and during 2020 and beyond, we’ll be testing and reviewing their boxes as we travel around the globe.

We truly believe that the kit that we like and that we use ourselves, looking after our own bikes at home and during our travels, is the very best available. That’s why we want to share it with you, so that your own bikes can have the same superb treatment.

Tailfin Alloy Rack with Pannier Mounts

Tailfin changed to way we look at bike racks, when they launched their first design only a few short years ago. With a system that fastens to any bike, without touching the frame, it gives everyone the opportunity to take on a 2-wheeled adventure. We decided to ask Bikepacking expert, Sam Huby, to take a look at their latest alloy rack, and see how useful it could be on a short trip to the Hebrides.
March 21, 2024/by Pedalnorth Website

Camelbak Podium Water Bottle Range

It's hotting up outside and it's definitely time to start looking at water bottles. Larisa and Robert take a look at the latest bottles from world leaders in hydration, Camelbak 🙂
April 1, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

Bike Box Alan EasyFit on Team Training Camp

It can be difficult to transport the bike abroad. It’s precious and important, our bike, and we don’t want it damaged . It’s often very difficult and inconvenient to disassemble the entire bike into pieces, and then to put it in a cardboard bike box. It’s not very well protected, and complicated to transport and takes up a lot of unnecessary space. - welcome to the Easy Fit, from Bike Box Alan
February 23, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

Camelbak Lobo Pack

I’ve always loved mtb rides in the mountains of Transylvania, but I also like to explore other parts of my country too. For example, Baiu Mountains with altitudes of 1700-1900 m, located in Prahova county. Transbai is an off-road trail and it is 38 kilometers long and will connect the cities of Azuga and Busteni to Valea Doftanei. In these kind of adventures, it is important to have an adequate physical condition and proper nutrition.
September 21, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Camelbak Hawg Pro Backpack & Womens Luxe

There are so many options for biking backpacks these days. However, Camelbak have revisited the classic Mule pack, and they've created something rather special. We took a close look at the new Camelbak Hawg Pro and Ladies Luxe pack over spring and early summer.
July 20, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Bike Box Alan Premium

When you look at most bike boxes, the design, even of the newest models, often seems to follow the classic design from our own favourite brand - Bike Box Alan. Now, we’re based in Yorkshire too, so let’s get this out of the way immediately; yes, we see BBA as a partner, now and into the future. Why - well, simply because they cannot be beaten in terms of looking after your precious bike.
July 13, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Bike Box Alan Easy Fit

Modern bikes are expensive and difficult to protect when travelling. Thankfully, Bike Box Alan have developed their Easy Fit, which caters and looks after all manner of bikes with integrated handlebars and seat posts etc. Larisa likes it so much that she became an ambassador 😉
April 12, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Yakima Front Loader Bike Carrier

Yakima make carriers all kinds of bikes, and their Front Loader is probably one of the most secure and well fitting bike carrier on the market. We tested it both in Romania and in the U.K.
April 10, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Deuter Flyt 14 Mountain Bike Pack

Any mountain biking pack needs to first of all perform as a pack on the hills. After all, it’s pointless carrying anything on a bike that doesn’t perform in its basic function. Thankfully, the Deuter Flyt 14 backpack performs superbly in its base function as a mountain bacpack or for adventure days on a gravel bike.
December 29, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Yakima High Road Tyre Hold Bike Carrier

The Yakima High Road is a top of the range heavy duty piece of engineering, designed with typical Japanese effectiveness. The front wheel is locked into place by a moveable set of hoops that wrap around the wheel. Simply lift the bike up and place the front wheel into the front hoop, bring the second hoop in towards the wheel and tighten things up with a calibrated ratchet that clicks when the correct tension is applied.
November 14, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

CAMELBAK Rogue Light Hydration Pack

In Camelbak's marketing material, they say that the Rogue lightweight pack is everything that you crave for on the everyday trail, by being: minimal, durable, cool and comfortable. They sent one to us here at, in a lovely teal colour for us to try out and see if their marketing spin is true. It certainly looked the part on first impressions.
September 24, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Aeropress Coffee

I used to be a bit of a philistine when it came to coffee, coffee was just coffee and instant tasted okay. That was until I started drinking freshly ground and freshly made coffee. What a revelation and how bad instant now tastes. Far from being any kind of connoisseur, but I can now appreciate the subtle undertones of flavours in different coffees, although this has created a bit of hole for myself, demanding good coffee wherever I travel, even bikepacking.
July 19, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Feedback Omnium Trainer Review

Stuck for trainer options due to space? This well engineered trainer from Feedback combines the best aspects of rollers & fixed trainer
May 24, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Bike Box Alan

They keep things plain and simple in Yorkshire; nowt is wasted, including unnecessary words or titles. It’s a bike box and guess what ... it’s made by Alan.
December 7, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website
Beeline navigation

Beeline Navigation Device

Everybody in cycling seems to talk devices these days. Strava has become a pain, yes a pain, Garmin is a close run second and there are a plephora of other devices that cyclists seem lost ... literally without. I'm no technophobe, but I do believe that you should first learn to use a map and compass, and in truth, with great devices like Quad Lock which allows you to pop you mobile phone onto the handlebars, Google Maps simply can't be beaten - or can it 😉
November 17, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Technical Reviews Accessories

Quad Lock Phone Mount

It truly is that simple. For all the multitude of phone mounts available, we’ve used quad lock on extended cycle tours, allowing us to be guided by google maps, on road bikes as we record Strava and on mountain bikes too. It’s secure and easy to fit and easy to remove on the fly, allowing you to take pictures from your phone easily.
Mint st Michel

Tailfin Carbon Bike Pannier

The Tailfin pannier makes any bike a great toruing bike, and opens up a world of adventures for those with carbon road bikes. It's possibly the best pannier system in the world.
March 8, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Buzzrack Scorpion 2 Bike Rack

March 8, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Inno Wheel Hold Bike Carrier

March 8, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Bike Bags, Travel and Touring Stuff