Buzzrack Scorpion 2 Bike Carrier

The truth of the matter is that wherever you live, at some point you’ll want to travel elsewhere to ride your bike – and your mates will want to come too. With this simple fact, bike racks are a necessity unless you own a transit van; in which case your mates will be uncomfortable. For mere mortals with simple cars, choosing the rack is the issue then.

This rack is the type of quintessential engineering that you’d want to carry your pride and joy. It folds up for ease of storage and is like a ‘mini transformer’ when you fold it all out to put your bikes on it. Built by Buzzrack, the model tested is for 2 bikes. It’s a techies dream, with lots to show off to your buddies about it. It’s a solid steel frame that will take the daily knocks with ease and will carry the heavier bike – up to 30kg per bike. Everything is so simple and smooth when setting this little gem up for carrying the bikes.

Straight out of the box, all you have to do is fit the clamp arm post to the main body with 4 bolts – instructions and tools supplied again, then it’s ready to use and put on the back of your vehicle. Once you’ve had a play with it, it just gets easier and slicker to set up or take off and store.

The rack is heavy duty so may be a little weighty for some users, but don’t let that put you off. Heavy is good, as it will last the test of time, with all parts available as spares if damaged or lost. As with everything, there are some bits that a heavy hand could lose or knock lose, so spares may be useful – and cheap. The tow ball attachment takes a bit of getting used to (unscrew fully before dropping onto tow ball) but once again, when you’ve done it a couple of times you’ll be all over it. The screw lock for the tow ball is supplemented with a locking bolt for that extra security and comes with a spanner to tighten it more securely onto the tow ball. I used my own adjustable for extra purchase to ensure it was ‘on’.

The carrier is ideally suited for big bikes, including electric models, but we’ve used it for MTB – 29er, 27.5 and 26, as well as road bikes. We’ve carried carbon, aluminium and steel frames and it hosted and carried them all admirably. The wheel supports, which are easily adjusted by screwing the locking bolts via plastic handles, easily accommodated all the bikes carried.

The rack will also take the kids bikes if required, with easy to use ratchet straps and locking clamps on the securing arms which again – are easy locked with the keys provided. Once clamped and ratcheted in, which is very simple to do indeed – there were no worries whilst transporting the bikes.

Safe as houses and no fear of losing a bike in a ditch on a sharp bend.

There’s a built in tilting handle, which enables you to get into the boot when required – very simple to operate – so no more taking the bikes off to access the boot. Another well thought out design feature by Buzzrack. The company have also just introduced a loading ramp accessory to help with Electric Bikes, making this an even better option all round.

The lighting rack is built in and has 5 function lights with adaptors to suit most tow bars. When you’ve finished using it, you just fold it all up while its still on the tow ball, lock it down, take it off and store it away, very easy. Be mindful when using it in the wet or having hosed it down, the frame stores water in the recesses and it will trickle out, so store in the shed, on the garage floor or on an old towel / sheet. Overall we’re very very pleased with this rack and the performance and usability – everything about it is hard-core and it will, without shadow of a doubt last longer than your bike and quite possibly your motor – well-earned 4.5 stars.