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mtb c2c route
RAVENGLASS TO ROBIN HOODS BAYAccommodationIn partnership with

The Best  MTB C2C in the U.K.

Total distance
368 km

Total ascent is approximately 8, 223 metres of ascent (nearly the height of Everest)

Walna Scar Road, Grizedale Forest, Garburn Pass, The Cam Road, The Stake Road, Swaledale, Bilsdale, Rosedale and a Dalby Forest detour…what a recipe. This mountain bike coast to coast route has it all. We think that this is going to become a classic mtb C2C.

It’s time for adventure

Since creating the initial route, we’ve reviewed it and it’s been straightened out and shortened by a whole stage; but we believe that it’s improved the overall route. Rosedale singletrack and some great descents around Chop Gate and Farndale make things even better. In the end we simply created a classic tour. It gets you from one coast to the other, but does so along tracks that will live in your memory for years and make you want to come back for more. Tracks that require a map and compass are clearer, but still retain the essence of isolation in the hills that drew Norman and I to them.

We’ve also moved the actual toe-dipping finish along the coast to nearby Robin Hoods Bay, which is easier to access and quite spectacular too, with far more facilities, including the nearby Boggle Hole Youth Hostel. All that you need is to ride and enjoy the tracks and trails.

Our route is designed as a 7-stage ride, ideally from Sunday to Saturday, leaving Saturday to travel up and Sunday to travel home and rest. We’ve tried not only to link in great tracks, but also to ensure that there are reasonable opportunities to get the bike fettled and have a comfy stay and a beer.

This route is no easy day ride. It is designed to take in some of the hardest but most enjoyable mountain bike tracks in the UK mountain biking scene. Be prepared for this: rocks, steep climbs, steep descents, wet feet. It is after all a challenge. You also need to be able to read and interpret a map. In poor weather or following periods of rain, the tracks will be damp and in some cases very soggy. Tracks may be indistinct atop the higher fells and moorlands.

View the OS map by clicking the Ordnance Survey logo

Ordnance Survey

You will need to be able to use a map and compass or have access to a gpx device or app. Some areas will not have a great number of BW signs. Maps and the route description will help. If you feel that the distances are too long, design your own halts and take longer to ride the route – it’s your trip. Just enjoy the challenge.

We rode all sections of the route several times using just a map and compass to ensure that we could navigate it ourselves. It is tricky at times and we’ve discussed things with the National Parks to improve the route. The gpx files were produced post ride, having only used a map and our noses, so please feel free to email us with accurate height details.

Anyway, click the ordnance survey map above or the google map below and take a look. Full details of each stage are provided at the foot of this page. All you need to do now is to prepare yourself and have a good ride along England’s best mountain bike coast to coast route.

A short day, allowing you time to travel and get into things, but taking in the epic Walna Scar Road – one of the great mtb rides.

Click here for stage one details, maps and gpx

Time to hit the trails proper, as you ride through Grizedale Forest and take on the Garburn Pass before leaving Lakeland.

Click here for stage two details, maps and gpx

Getting from the Lake District to the Yorkshire Dales takes some riding and we’ve taken you to the Howgills on route, with an epic descent in the Dales to finish the day.

Click here for stage three details, maps and gpx

Crossing the Yorkshire Dales brings on some of the finest mountain biking of the whole trip, with the Roman Road and Swaledale singletrack.

Click here for stage four details, maps and gpx

This is no fun day, in many ways because it simply lacks the tracks and scenery of the National Parks. However, we’ve taken you across the Vale of Mowbray with a stop in beautiful Osmotherley before you tackle the North Yorks Moors. In poor weather or following rain, the bridleways might as well be avoided, as they’ll be muddy and not much fun. There’s no good mtb route cross the Vale of Mowbray unfortunately, and we would completely understand if you just took to the lanes and  arrived at the North Yorks Moors earlier, for some sublime trail riding.

Click here for stage five details,maps and gpx

The North Yorks Moors will provide you with some of the very best singletrack anywhere in the world, plus amazing views.It’s a tough day but rewarding, with trails to make you smile.

Click here for stage six details,maps and gpx

With a ride via the amazing world class trails at Dalby Forest, we eventually reach the coast and rest. Hopefully you’ll be back for more and you’ll be proud of your achievement 🙂

Click here for stage seven details,maps and gpx

We’ve partnered with to bring you the best accommodation choices along the route. Take a look at the map below, click in and zoom around, and find great places to stay and rest while riding the best mountain bike coast to coast route in the UK.

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