The Benefits of a Custom Built Bike

A Year of New Cycling Memories

by Larisa Chinces

The Benefits of a Custom-Built Bike

Redchilli: A Year of New Cycling Memories

Larisa Chinces

I can’t believe that time flies so fast! Approximately one year ago, I got the RedChilli WR1 Bike! What a delightful memory! I have to say that I am very content and extremely grateful for the bike. What I noticed in this period of using the RedChilli, is the importance of the correct bike fitting in long term period which assures comfort and safety. I learned an important lesson – the right bike matters! I believed for a long time that the one who matters is the rider, but let’s be honest… the bike matters a lot too! I can say this because for me personally it does, now that I’ve gotten used to riding a great and well-fitted bike.

The Benefits of a Custom Bike

The bike is made special for me and my measurements. The key features of what makes this bike so special are: integrated stem-flat aero handlebars, very lightweight, extraordinary chameleon color. In comparison with my old road bike, a Scott Contessa which was adapted on my measurement but not quite perfect, I faced different problems and discomfort due to poor bike fitting. Scott had a bigger handlebar and frame, which caused me some pain here and there – especially in the back and shoulders. What I really like with my RedChilli is that the handlebars are lower than the saddle and a really ergonomic and comfortable shape. The RedChilli handlebar size is perfect for me, and also because it’s aero flat which makes riding more comfortable and ride better. I can add too that the ‘Oil Slick’ bar tape from Supacaz matches perfectly the chameleon color and looks really cool!!

Getting the Right Drivetrain

Choosing a 11-speed compact mechanical group set was easy to maintain and benefited me on the hills. The compact crankset with the 11/30 cassette was ideal for my cycling here in Transylvania, which has long and steep climbs into the hills. To keep the bike light and to match the high spec RedChilli WR1 frameset, I put Shimano Ultegra carbon pedals onto the bike too. The geometry of the frame is a delicate female design, and typical for a woman’s specific form. I felt the difference of a more aero positioning for me, with more control and I felt more confident on the downhill and turns, being able to feel at one with the bike and to move it how I wanted. It all feels so natural and a part of me now.

Favourite Rides

Having a bike that I’ve helped to create, and being able to piece it together just for me is special. It has been a great bike and I enjoy so much riding it. With my RedChilli I’ve cycled many special places from Romania. For example: Romania’s Black Sea, Paltinu Lake, Transfagarasan Highway and Balea Lake. Paltinis and the mountains and my home region and I love being able to cycle into the climbs on a bike that fitted to me, and which literally feels like it is a part of me too. Wherever I go too, I get looks on the bike and compliments about how cool it looks and how personalized it is. This year I will see how the RedChilli will feel in the road competitions, as I compete in a few races here – I am really excited and curious to see :D!

A Cycling Lifestyle

Riding a bike is special for me, it is a part of who I am, and it’s been now for almost 8-9 years. Every cyclist can agree with me and confirm. The bike has so many benefits for your mental and physical health, and it challenges you and gives you the opportunity to exceed your limits. Over time, I have participated in various events and competitions related to cycling in which I made so many valuable connections and dear friends. I love the diversity the bike has to offer. From social events, to commute or race and train hard, even having a chill time with the dear ones. Yes, cycling is a lifestyle and not simply a sport – so having a custom-built bike seems sensible.

I love riding the bike; it’s healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. I am so thankful for the opportunity to receive a RedChilli bike specially made for me. I’m truly grateful to people like David and Robert who made all these things possible, and grateful for having my health and fitness – and my BikeBoxAlan, to take me and my RedChilli on new and exciting cycling adventures!

Red Chilli bikes specialise in creating unique bikes – because ultimately, you’re unique too. We all ride in our particular way and we explore the world around us in a way that fills our own needs and spirit. Here in Sibiu, I feel lucky to have these mountains close to me – and I’m very lucky indeed to ride what I believe is one of the best bikes too – by Red Chilli.

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