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Growing with Peaches – Cycling with Fiona-May

Cycling isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life, a part of who we are, and a means for us to explore the world from a close perspective. As a former racer, Fiona knows all too well, the needs and issues surrounding the higher end of cycling. Unfortunately, as a cycling woman, she also knows the pitfalls that women still experience; from the sexism in cycling and in society in general, to the lack of choice in terms of kit and equipment. Whilst brands such as TICC and DS Pro have always been ahead of the curve for ladies cycling wear; others still need to catch up. Fiona has worked closely with some of the world’s leading brands, helping to test and to promote cycling products for women. Coming from a race background too, this inspiring woman knows how to mix performance and style, and stay focused all ride long.

Fiona is based in the south of Ireland, where her ecologist and horticulture skills keep her occupied when not cycling or participating in the several sports that help to fill her time with adventure. On this blog, Fiona will be sharing her thoughts on women’s cycling, the best kit, and just about any other thing that interests her. Life should be all about happiness and adventure; and there’s nobody better to convey this than Fiona. She’s an eclectic bundle of fun, genuine smiles and intelligence – so read away and join the happiness revolution!

I want to inspire you to be the very best version of yourself, to be independent-minded, free-spirited and adventurous. Life is not a dress rehearsal, and so let’s take a look at the brighter side – on 2-wheels! Join me and let’s chat some cycling stuff and ride bikes!

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