Cycling the Sella Ronda in Italy

SELLARONDA Bike Day in the Dolomites

My Incredible Bike Ride through Stunning Mountain Passes

Nadezhda Pavlova, editor in chief 

This year, I joined 20000 cyclists from all over the world in the beautiful Dolomites, for the exciting SELLARONDA Bike Day. It was an incredible opportunity to take on a thrilling bike ride through the stunning Sella Group of mountains free from traffic. The Dolomites are renowned across the world for their epic beauty, and for some totally amazing roads to cycle.

As I arrived in the Dolomites, I had to choose one of four valleys from which to start the ride from: Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Val di Fassa, or Arabba. Each valley has its own unique charm, making it a fun challenge to decide where to start the ride.

You have the freedom to start from any village, in any direction; but it’s advisable to ride anticlockwise as most of the cyclists go in that direction. The route covers 53 kilometres and includes breath-taking mountain passes: Passo Gardena, Passo Sella, Passo Pordoi, and Passo Campolongo. As I pedalled through these amazing mountain passes, I was treated to awe-inspiring views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, immersing myself in the natural beauty of the Dolomites – truly spectacular.

Accommodation Recommendation: Depending on where you start the ride, there are two hotel options that we recommend.

Hotel Continental, Dolomites, is a gateway to the magic of the Dolomites and the mountain roads of this enchanting area.

Hotel Col Alto, nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, providing you with a breath-taking view of the area, and easy access to alpine adventures!

Check out the route & climbs

Let’s take a closer look at each climb:

1. Passo Gardena: Starting in Corvara, this pass took me to an elevation of 2,121 meters. It’s a 9.5-kilometer climb with an average slope of 5.5%.

2. Passo Sella: From Selva di Val Gardena, this pass led me to a height of 2,240 meters. The climb is about 6.5 kilometres long, with an average slope of 7.9%.

3. Passo Pordoi: Conquering this pass from Arabba, I reached an altitude of 2,239 meters. It’s a 9-kilometer climb with an average slope of 6.9%.

4. Passo Campolongo: Also starting in Arabba, this pass took me to a height of 1,875 meters. The climb is approximately 6.5 kilometres long, with an average slope of 6.2%.

The atmosphere on the SELLARONDA Bike Day was electric, with thousands of riders from all over the world, taking on the challenge. Whether you’re a pro or a casual rider, road biker or electric MTB, everyone is welcome to participate, and it adds to the atmosphere. You can go at your own pace and enjoy the ride. Along the route, there are coffee shops and rest areas where you can take a break and appreciate the scenic views. If you don’t travel with your own bike, there are also some good rental options available in Val Gardena and Corvara.

Route Information

The ride itself was 53km of epic scenery, with a super group of people. After the ride, finding a comfortable place to stay is crucial. I stayed at the Continental Dolomites  in Val Gardena:

It’s an excellent choice, offering cosy rooms, exceptional service, and in a great location, making it a perfect base for exploring the Dolomites.

For me – and for everyone, the SELLARONDA Bike Day in the Dolomites is an unforgettable experience. From the breath-taking passes, to the sense of camaraderie among all the riders, this event beautifully showcases the magnificence of the Dolomites and the joy of cycling.

If you’re seeking an adventure, this biannual event is a must-visit for creating remarkable memories, in one of the world’s most stunning mountain ranges. The next Sella Ronda will be on September 7th, 2024 – so book yourself a trip of a lifetime and join the riders!

Cycling with Friends is Fun!

One of the best things about this trip was taking the trip with my friends. We had so much fun, and I thoroughly recommend groups of friends planning the trip together. Yes, you’ll meet like-minded cyclists from all over the world; however, there’s something special about riding in an event such as this, with close friends sharing the ride, the scenery – and tea and cake of course!

I’ve added a Google map below, along with a selection of GPX files for you to download for free, below. If you want to take on the ride yourself at another time, then these will help your planning. Best of all, unlike other cycling websites, you don’t have to login or pay to use or GPX files – they’re as free as your cycling spirit!

Map & GPX Files

Click below  for  GPX file & accommodation

Download GPX

Sellaronda anticlockwise start Canazei val di Fassa

Download GPX

Sellaronda anticlockwise start Corvara Alta Badia

Download GPX

Sellaronda anticlockwise start Pieve di Livinallongo

Download GPX

Selleronda anticlockwise start Selva val Gardena

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