Bike Box Alan

They keep things plain and simple in Yorkshire; nowt is wasted, including unnecessary words or titles. It’s a bike box and guess what … it’s made by Alan. Oh, it’s tough too. In fact it’s probably the toughest bike box in the world, passing a scientifically developed test recently – it was dropped over 30 […]

Larisa Chinces cyclist

Cycology Long Sleeve Jersey

Style and apparel is important to us because if we look good, we feel good. I choose to believe that some of us who are passionate about style and fashion, are a little artist ourselves which use their body as a canvas and the clothes and shoes as paint, and when we dress up we […]


Pirelli Scorpion mtb Tyre

This autumn I tested 2 sets of tyres from the Pirelli Scorpion™ MTB range which were born from Pirelli’s experience and know how in the world of off-road competitions. As you’d expect from this iconic Italian brand, the rubber compound used for the Scorpion™ MTB range is the product of intense research and development that […]

Mountain bike holidays

EBike Holidays

Specialist operator H+I Adventures is leading the charge in e-mountain bike travel, set to be the big trend in adventure travel for 2020. The international mountain biking experts will be launching five new battery-assisted tours for the year ahead, offering riders experiences from pedalling through the deserts of Namibia and Alpine descents in Switzerland, to […]

Garvia Pass Cycling Route

Gavia Pass and Mortirolo Pass

If you’re cycling the Stelvio pass, then stay in the area and tackle these two epic climbs during your stay. Both the Gavia and the Mortirolo Passes are full of history and pain, being well known within the Giro. Yes, this is a tough ride, but it will reward you with epic views and a […]

Stelvio Pass cycling Route

Stelvio Pass Cycle Route

There are some roads that are simply iconic. You only need to see an image of this amazing road to understand why the Stelvio Pass is one such road.This mountain pass on the border between Italy and Switzerland rises to an elevation of 2757m and twists and turns like no other as it works its […]

Laura Celdran Picos de Europe mountain bike

Return to Picos De Europe

Being a simple community of like minded riders from around the globe, it’s great to read about each others adventures. Here’s an awesome trip in an area that we know well, taken by our friend in Spain, Laura 🙂 If you like adventure, you’ll love this trip and want to ride in this beautiful mountain […]

Nadezhda Pavlova triathlete

Triathlon – In The Swim

There are always things to consider in each of the 3 triathlon elements. In this post we’ll deal with some simplebut effective tips to help make your swim more comfortable and more effective. Remember,marginal gains can count and feeling good makes you perform that much better.

Nadezhda Pavlova triathlete

Designed For Cycling Sweet Dreams Kit

Cycling gear that looks as good as it feels Finding great cycling gear is always a challenge, especially for women. The industry seems to have decided that if you want performance clothing that helps keep you comfortable on the bike, you also want to appear as if you are a professional cyclist too. Most of […]

ALÉ cycle clothing

ALÉ Autumn Winter Collections 2019/2020

Those very clever and extremely stylish people at Italian brand ALÉ have come up with something extra special this winter. We thought that yu deserved a look and so here’s a preview and a link to their own site, so that you can pop along and write out your favourites for Christmas 😉 Anyway, lets […]