Bike Box Alan

They keep things plain and simple in Yorkshire; nowt is wasted, including unnecessary words or titles. It’s a bike box and guess what … it’s made by Alan. Oh, it’s tough too. In fact it’s probably the toughest bike box in the world, passing a scientifically developed test recently – it was dropped over 30 […]

Scott Cornish bikepacking

Osprey Katari 1.5 hydro pack and Ultralight dry bags

Osprey are well known for their innovative packs covering a wide range of sports, with their cycling range having evolved over the years. Their cycling packs cover everything from big days out to multi day adventures, from the minimalist to sizeable gear portage. If simply upping your water carrying capacity is the priority, Osprey offer […]

Fitness For Cyclists

It’s time to get cycle fit, with our own Nadezhda. Here’s some super training ideas from this exceptional triathlon coach and athlete, to help you get the most out of  your cycling. Want more-defined abdominal muscles? Core exercises are important. Although it takes aerobic activity to burn abdominal fat, core exercises can strengthen and tone […]

Trek Pirelli MTB Team

Pirelli is all geared up to backing Marco Trentin’s prestigious mountain bike team once again, with the announcement of an even greater commitment. No doubt as to the objective: all efforts are focused on reaching the topmost positions of the XCM and that’s not all. This year, the team also has its eye on the […]

Build Your Road Bike 5

We’re reaching the end of our road bike build series and it’s now time to tape up the handlebars and set up the bike for riding. Getting the setup tuned in is really important, as there are so many variables that can make the difference between a poor ride and being all day comfortable.

Build Your Road Bike 4

In this part of our bike build series of articles, we focus on fitting hydraulic disc brakes to your road bike. More and more road bikes are using hydraulic brakes, whilst the mtb has used them for years, so it’s a useful skill to have.

26 mtb wheel

By all accounts the bike manufacturers are developing a new wheel size, a 30” beast called ‘my wheel is bigger than yours.” Nah, of course they’re not, because ultimately it doesn’t really matter what you ride.

Elterwater Independent Hostel

During 2020 and beyond, we want to help you to get back to what riding is all about -adventure. In the first of a new series of blogs, we’re visiting Elterwater Hostel in the English Lake District, to show you some amazing mountain bike routes from the door.

Missing A Workout triathlon editor and independent tri coach Nadezhda Pavlova is an inspiring and talented athlete, bringing a sense of simplicity and fun to training. In this article, Nadezhda talks about missing a training session and advises you on the best way to address your schedule gap.

DS Pro Winter Kit

DS Pro are based in Florida, but being a global brand they also make kit for when it gets colder. Carrying their trademark chic and stylish design, we thought that we’d bring you something different to wrap up warm in. Time to take a look at this winter cold weather outfit from this specialist ladies […]