ALÉ Autumn Winter Collections 2019/2020

Those very clever and extremely stylish people at Italian brand ALÉ have come up with something extra special this winter. We thought that yu deserved a look and so here’s a preview and a link to their own site, so that you can pop along and write out your favourites for Christmas 😉 Anyway, lets […]

Nadezhda Pavlova Interview

We’re very proud of our team here at Pedalnorth and none more so than triathlon editor and lifestyle blogger, Nadezhda Pavlova. It’s unique for anyone to have such a wide range of world class talents, but thankfully for us, Nadezhda is a unique person: artist, designer, topclass triathlete and triathlon coach. It only seems right […]

Designed For Cycling – Cosmic Girl Kit

Style meets performance yet again, with this amazing kit from Designed For Cycling, making your triathlon life just a little bit more chic.

L’Ardechoise 2019

The Ardéche is well known amongst those seeking to explore it’s spectacular gorges and relax by or explore its meandering rivers. Many are unaware that the region consists of high mountains too, further south, reaching over 1750m, boasting a significant nordique ski area across these higher reaches. It’s a beautiful place to ride and the […]

Forests and Mountains

Designed For Cycling – Flower Tattoo Kit

Triathlon requires specific kit, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Designed for Cycling have produced this amazingly stylish Tri Suit just for the ladies.

Training for Tri – Getting Heat, Hydration and Effort Right

Triathlon is super tough and the heat can adversely affect all of us. It’s also good to know how much effort to use at give times and what the secret ingredient to success is. Triathlon coach Nadezhda tackles these issues here for you.

London by Bike

Training for Tri – the basics

Triathlon is addictive and so is training. We recognise this and want to make sure that you have the right information to develop your own training regime. Triathlon coach Nadia knows exactly how to get your training into gear.

Foot Love

For the hardest working part of our bodies in cycling, our feet often get a rough ride. We were invited along to the Boardman Centre for some serious foot science and to see how custom foot beds and well fitted shoes can not only help your performance, but will also improve your overall foot health […]