Elite Indoor Cycle Training

I like a challenge – I’m still a competitor at heart. But the distance involved in travelling to practice and, the onset of colder weather means my training has to be adapted. Yes, I can go out into the smaller hills in my local National Park, the Dales. They’re truly beautiful, but the winter is coming. Yesterday we had snow! My wife’s parents sent a picture of it.

Yes, I’ll be back onto the rollers again I guess, spinning away and wiping away the sweat, as I try to retain my legs in readiness for spring or a crisp winter day. It won’t give me the strength though, just the stamina, which as a former distance athlete God or my parents already gave me.

Exercise Hydration

Sodium is a main electrolyte found in sweat and plays an important role in fluid balance in the body and in athletes’ performance. Sodium loss can vary a lot between individuals and is also pretty stable within an individual too. How do you determine if you are a salty sweater and how much sodium should you consume to keep hydration levels optimized? One thing is certain, and that is the issue of correct hydration and fluid replacement for athletes, so let’s examine this.

Ladies Cycling Kits

Women’s cycling kit matters, because having uncomfortable clothing, or a women’s cycling jersey that causes chaffing or doesn’t offer support, can turn an enjoyable ride into an ordeal.

Maeve Plouffe Interview 2020

We thought that it was time to catch up with this rising star of world cycling, Australian rider Maeve Plouffe. Time for a chat then…

ALÉ Ladies Seamless Wool Baselayer

Base layers have become more popular. It’s not simply about keeping you warm, as the latest garments also manage moisture and have lots of other technical features.

Bike Box Alan

They keep things plain and simple in Yorkshire; nowt is wasted, including unnecessary words or titles. It’s a bike box and guess what … it’s made by Alan.

Christoph von Freydorf Gravel Bike Ride to Wacken

What is more emotional than Music and Outdoor Sports? The two go straight to our souls and also go perfect together. Christoph von Freydorf, lead-singer of the German Metal-Band, Emil Bulls, has put his two loves – music and bikes – together, and is riding to the Wacken Festival this summer, raising money to help young musicians starting out.

What’s the Best Mountain Bike Lights

Mountain biking at night adds a different and exciting dimension to trail riding. On late summer evenings and those warm autumn days; riding into the darkness with friends is food for the soul. Thinking about this, we wanted to share our thoughts with you about our favourite mountain bike trail lights

Cycling Industry Technology and Innovation

Cycling technology and innovation is having a huge impact on cycling participation. In our daily lives, commuting by bike, and for leisure and sport, science and technology in cycling is allowing more and more people to get out cycling, making the most of a healthy lifestyle

SQ Lab Cycling – Maximising Performance & Comfort

SQ Lab are a group of very clever scientists, based in the heart of Bavaria, who are passionate about helping you and all cyclists to find the perfect fit for your bike. Using their well-researched and detailed software and measuring tools, they’ll not only tell you what’s required; they also design and create innovative solutions to optimise your ride.

EuroBike 2024 Day 1

EuroBike is a place where one day is simply not enough. I’m not actually sure that a week will be either. This year in particular, there are so many fascinating aspects to the cycling industry to see

Cycling Carezza to Corvara via Paso Pordio in the Dolomites

Corvarra is a great hub for cycling in the Italian Dolomites. This route, taking in the Paso Podio is a classic ride in the region.

Cycling the Sella Ronda in Italy

The Selleronda bike day is an epic day and festival of cycling, based in the beautiful Italian Dolomites. This year, I joined over 2000 riders from all over the cycling globe, and had an awesome adventure with my friends 🙂

High Performance Cycling Clothing

The cycle clothing market is awash with so many brands, that it’s often difficult to determine which clothing to choose for true quality and performance. WE thought that it was about time we started to examine this for you. Let’s focus of real quality and performance brands, and create a cycling revolution

On the trails of Triada – Transylvania epic ride

We’re developing a new 4-day challenge route, for both gravel bikes and mountain bikes’ It’ll take you from the mountain resort of Paltinis in Transylvania, exploring the epic trails of Europe’s last great wilderness. Join the ride, on the adventure revolution – with TRIADA mountain bike!

Entering the age brackets within cycling

I don’t weigh myself; I haven’t done so for nearly 30 years. These days, if my trousers fit me, I know that I’m fine; and I have a deal with my wife: she promises to tell me when I no longer look good in Lycra – and, I know for sure that she will! At such a point, I’ll never where tight cycling shorts and jerseys again 😉