Cycling Industry Technology and Innovation

Cycling technology and innovation is having a huge impact on cycling participation. In our daily lives, commuting by bike, and for leisure and sport, science and technology in cycling is allowing more and more people to get out cycling, making the most of a healthy lifestyle

SQ Lab Cycling – Maximising Performance & Comfort

SQ Lab are a group of very clever scientists, based in the heart of Bavaria, who are passionate about helping you and all cyclists to find the perfect fit for your bike. Using their well-researched and detailed software and measuring tools, they’ll not only tell you what’s required; they also design and create innovative solutions to optimise your ride.

Best European MTB Events

Cyclists are looking for new adventures, and there’s an explosion of events all over Europe. We put our experts to work, listing the very best of European mountain bike events. Off you go then – join the adventure revolution!

EuroBike 2024 Day 1

EuroBike is a place where one day is simply not enough. I’m not actually sure that a week will be either. This year in particular, there are so many fascinating aspects to the cycling industry to see

High Performance Cycling Clothing

The cycle clothing market is awash with so many brands, that it’s often difficult to determine which clothing to choose for true quality and performance. WE thought that it was about time we started to examine this for you. Let’s focus of real quality and performance brands, and create a cycling revolution

Entering the age brackets within cycling

I don’t weigh myself; I haven’t done so for nearly 30 years. These days, if my trousers fit me, I know that I’m fine; and I have a deal with my wife: she promises to tell me when I no longer look good in Lycra – and, I know for sure that she will! At such a point, I’ll never where tight cycling shorts and jerseys again 😉

ALE cycle clothing for wet summer rides

Wet cycling days seem to be more common than ever these days, which is why we wanted to give you a few ideas from our own selection of our favourite rainy ride kit options. Here’s a few from Italian high-performance brand, ALÉ

Transfăgărășan Challenge 2024

It’s thankfully quite refreshing to know that there is still a place in the world, and an event to really challenge yourself on, and that actually means something – welcome then to the Transfăgărășan Challenge, and the opportunity to cycle up what is correctly described as the most spectacular ribbon of tarmac in the world – the Transfăgărășan Highway, in Romania.

ALÉ R-EV1 Hammer Bib Shorts

Bib shorts are a cycle clothing necessity that you have to get right. Thankfully, ALÉ are a brand that understands this and put all of their world tour expertise and years of research into this critical area of clothing. For me, the three main elements of the pad to get right are: the pad, the fabric, and the straps.

ALÉ Pragma Dinamica SS Jersey

ALÉ don’t simply make cycling clothing; no, they craft some of the finest men’s and ladies cycling clothing in the world, from their base in the magical and historic city of Verona, on the edge of the Italian Lakes and Mountains. It’s the city of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and this ALÉ Pragma Dinamica ss jersey for summer, is definitely a cycling jersey to fall in love with.