Rider & Industry Interviews

We’re always looking for interesting people from the cycling world to speak to. In order to make the interviews easier to locate, we’re putting them all together on their own page, with links below. From Grand Tour winners, mtb riders around the world, to cycling commentators and dedicated people doing their best to develop great brands. If you have an idea for an interview, just let us know.

In the meantime, take a look below and click an image to read all about these fascinating people who help to make our sport so amazing.

Time then to take a look at some of the most interesting and talented people within our sport. Some of them will be new to you, because we want to show our readers the really interesting people, delving into those on the edges who are simply unique and very special, like photographer Karen Edwards or deisgner Sean Sako. Anyway, read away and find out about these very talented peeple 🙂

Nadezhda Pavlova
Nadezhda Pavlova Interview
We’re very proud of our team here at Pedalnorth and none more so than triathlon editor and lifestyle blogger, Nadezhda
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Rider Interview – Kasia Niewiadoma
A former European U23 Road Race champion, and with two Polish National jerseys to her name, Kasia has become one
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Designer – Sean Sako
Taking a global and independent thinking approach to cycling, we’re always looking out for people, and for cycling kit that
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Rider Interview – Fabio Aru
We  interviewed Italian cyclist and former La Vuelta winner Fabio Aru and asked him all about his time in cycling,
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Rider Interview – Vincenzo Nibali
Having lined up the interview with this cycling legend, our editor, Rob, picked his chin up, he set to getting
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Rider Interview: Kate Courtney MTB
Kate Courtney is from Marin County – that says a lot about why she rides a mountain bike. Already the
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Brett Tippie Interview
There are some people who without even realising it are truly inspiring. One such person is this awesome rider from
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Maeve Plouffe
Rider Interview: Maeve Plouffe
In the midst of her racing at the Tasmanian Carnivals, I got a chance to chat with Maeve Plouffe, a
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