Kasia Niewiadoma – Cyclist

A former European U23 Road Race champion, and with two Polish National jerseys to her name, Kasia has become one of the world’s top riders in recent years. So it was no surprise to us when she used her cycling brain to take advantage on stage 1 of the Tour of Britain in 2017, to ride into green and take the lead.

Retaining the jersey after an early challenge is always tricky in a stage race, but this feisty young climber from Poland and the WM3 Pro Cycling Team has the right spirit and fight, and stayed the pace throughout a damp and difficult week to carry the green jersey all the way to London, picking up the leaders jersey for the UCI Ladies World Tour too!

We caught up with Kasia during that Tour of Britain win, and asked her about the race and her cycling.

Kasia, you’ve had a terrific week so far, so welcome to Britain and well done

Thank you so much

We started looking at your racing about a year or two ago, as you started to really come through; you were a little bit fearless, always smiling, which is fantastic – how have you found it this week?

It’s been a really great week so far; I’m really happy to be here with the team and take in every stage. There’s still one stage to go, so hoping that everything goes smoothly and the weather will be fine, so … yes. I’m hoping for no crashes or accidents and this [due to the rain]…

It’s similar weather to Poland [rain]

Haha…yeah .. haha .. kind of yeah! I have to admit that’s true [laughs]

And today in the rain, how was that?

Yeah, I wasn’t bothered because of the rain, so I just kept riding and focused and it was fine

Next to Poland of course, Yorkshire is the cycling centre of the universe. We’d love to see you in the Tour de Yorkshire next year Kasia.

[laughs out loud] hahaha… okay, I will remember … keep it in mind!

Quick question … what was your first bike?

Merida 🙂

Merida …

[smiles] Yeah

And, where’s your favourite place to ride?

Mmm… I think I have to see more places before I can say ‘that’s my favourite one’ – so far I like it all. I just love riding.

Hills or flat?

It’s actually hills… there’s a lot of climbs out there, and I love climbing.

So you prefer the hills …


We think that your career is heading skyward, and you’re definitely the best smiler on tour! It’s been absolutely fantastic speaking with you today, so all the best for the future

Thank you so much … thank you, bye bye

In a short space of time, Kasia has become one of the very top riders, and retains her smile and passion for riding. You can follow her career on tour below