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U.K. First Gravel Bike C2C Route

Ravenglass to Robin Hoods Bay

Coast to Coast cycle routes are more popular than ever, with those looking for a C2C cycling route challenge. Our own mountain bike coast to coast route is one of the most popular online, which is why, with the continual rise in gravel bike rides that we believed it was time to develop the best Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route in the U.K.. Welcome then to our new Gravel Bike C2C – from Ravenglass in Cumbria, home of the famous Ravenglass Railway, across 3 National Parks, all the way to Robin Hoods Bay on the North Yorkshire coast.

Piecing together a Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route isn’t easy. We wanted it to have adventure, to be rideable in most conditions, and to bring some mixed riding into play, which is what real gravel bike riding is all about: being able to ride on both road and tarmac and to link up the very best gravel trails around. Initially developing the route with Callum Robinson and Beau Smith from leading nutrition brand, Voom, we’ve  been busy and have finalised the route and creating awesome images and video of the route, so that as your own time for adventure comes, you’ll be able to ride what we consider to be probably one of the very best Gravel Bike Coast to Coast routes in the U.K. 🙂 if not wider afield.

In particular, Beau developed the finish stretch along the Yorkshire Coast, with some spectacular views. As the route develops further, and we look to continue to develop the gravel bike C2C, and make any necessary changes; we’ll be doing so in partnership with the world’s best gravel bikes, designed and created by the world leading Italian cycling brand, 3T. After all, with three national parks, it seems sensible to have 3T – 3 trails 😉 – helping us to continue to provide you with probably one of the world’s best gravel biking routes – with 3T Bikes… one of the world’s top gravel bike brands!

Places Along the Way

From inspiring Eskdale in the west, through to the historic Roman Cam Road in the Dales and Wensleydale and the magnificent beauty of Jervaulx Abbey,onto Rosedale in the North Yorks Moors, this route has something for everyone. With stops designed at places such as Coniston, Windermere, Kendal, Sedbergh, Hawes, Northallerton  and Rosedale, there’s also ample opportunity for accommodation and support, as you ride your gravel bike across the most beautiful parts of England. Yes, any coast to coast cycling route should have the very best trails and views, and this new Gravel Bike C2C has everything, so that you can take the ride of your life – from coast to coast!

Whilst the Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route starts and finishes at the same places as our renowned mountain bike coast to coast, the route itself varies, to ensure that it sticks as much as possible to the best rocky gravel trails. And, because of the nature of the tracks linking the Dales to the Moors, we’ve used quiet roads where appropriate, avoiding unnecessary overly muddy tracks, speeding you onwards to the best gravel trails for  your journey to Robin Hoods Bay.

Starting off at the coastal hamlet of Ravenglass, this route can be accessed by rail, and once completed, a train also taken homewards. As such, it makes the route all the easier to organise. Eskdale opens the way to the Lake District, with a bike hike up to Walna Scar road, before forest riding in Grizedale leads to the lakeside at Windermere.

Once over this magnificent lake, it’s quiet lanes and meadows that open up, as you take the trails towards the Dales and Sedbergh, nestled in the Howgills. Click here to see the full details of this first stage of our U.K. Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route.

This section of the gravel bike coast to route route takes on some awesome gravel bike trails, as you cross this wild part of northern England. There’s history all around you, as you pass under the famed Ribblehead Viaduct, and then visit Middleham Castle and Jervaulx Abbey.

Simply click the link here to take on this epic ride along our Yorkshire Dales section of the Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route.

This section of the gravel bike coast to route route takes on some of the best gravel bike trails in the country – literally. Moorland and forests guide you, with beautiful Rievaulx Abbey and Helmsley to visit, before heading to the coast for Fish & Chips 🙂

Simply click the link here to access the 3rd and final section of the first gravel bike coast to coast in the U.K.

Ride into Gravel Bike Glory

With Pedalnorth & 3T Bikes

The Gravel Bike C2C from Ravenglass to Robin Hoods Bay is now live, with detailed maps from Ordnance Survey and Google, along with GPX files to guide you. The route is divided into 3 stages, across the 3 National Parks: Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and North Yorks Moors, allowing you the opportunity to choose how you tackle it. It’s appropriate that we’ve created it in 3 stages, as we’re now partnering with Italian brand, 3T, as we continue to develop and watch over the route.

Now, it’s time to get and riding and training -in readiness for the first and best Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route in the U.K. – with & 3T Bikes. Keep checking in, as we showcase new developments, a few circular gravel bike day excursions along the route, and more gravel bike adventure challenges with our friends at 3T Bikes.

Gravel C2C Full GPX

3T – The world’s best  gravel bikes

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