EuroBike 2024 Day 1

Eurobike day 1

Riding into cycling heaven

EuroBike is a place where one day is simply not enough. I’m not actually sure that a week will be either. This year in particular, there are so many fascinating aspects to the cycling industry to see. You have to try and come prepared, and make an attempt at planning. Failing that, just treat it like a sweet shop for cyclist’s, throw away the diary and explore Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for cyclist’s.

Among the really interesting products that we’ve seen already at this year’s show are fitted bike lights from world leaders, Lupine; with the bike stays and stems actually designed and constructed for the lights to form part of the framed unit – and working from the electrics on the EBike systems. Lupine have literally led the way for many years, and their latest innovations are testament to this continual drive for excellence. Ultimately, in technical lighting products, Lupine are as reliable as things get, and we can’t wait to test their latest products out on the trails when we get home. We’ll be speaking with them in detail on Friday, and finding out more about this quality based, technical brand.

These images by Lupine, 2024 Eurobike

Locked & loaded with tech

In terms of other attachments to the bike, Aussie brand Quad Lock also lead the way in this arena globally; and the latest products from QL are similarly excellent in their concept and performance. There’s new QL attachment to the market, that not only allow cyclists to utilize their mobile devices in new ways, but again like Lupine, makes use of the motor power from EBikes to charge the mobile phone while you simply enjoy the ride. Add to this, the work that QL designers have done with GoPro attachments, both front and rear of the bike, and the future for filming with QL helping you out, is looking brighter and easier – especially if you have Lupine lighting the way!

Images by Ben Thorpe

Are you sitting comfortably

Quality counts in cycling, and all too often cyclists forget this in the most important – those contact points. Yes, the handlebars, saddles and crank areas, including cycling shoes, are too frequently an afterthought – as riders simply fail to realise that it’s not the ride that’s giving them a numb bum – it’s using the wrong saddle. Thankfully, SQ Labs have been busy, with people such as Hans Rey adding their name and kudos to the latest range of saddles, ultimately meaning that this specialist brand can be relied on to add comfort and performance to your ride – all day long, whatever the terrain. We’ll be speaking with Nina from SQ Labs later in the week, and looking to field test some saddle tech for you.

Images by Ben Thorpe

The sky is not the limit

Finally, well for now, in terms of the tech side, we spoke with Matt from world leading tech company DJI and looked over their new Avinox Drive System, which takes advantage of their expertise in brushless motors and computing, and will be first introduced in the bikes of new eMTB player, Amflow. It has 105Nm and 800 watts battery capacity. Ben gave the bike an awesome Eurobike test of the pulling power today, and is now self-medicating in the AirBNB with a well-known drinks partner!

The setup and layout of the bike is super-comfortable around the cockpit, and the bike is made for long and technical days on the trails. It wants to ride fast and has great balance. For a tough and trail ready EMTB, it’s also surprisingly light and easy to handle.

Images by Ben Thorpe

With such days in mind, Amflow has chosen the perfect partner for stopping power. Brakes are Magura MT5, and a bike of such high caliber is finished off with Fox keeping things comfortable front and rear, and SRAM moving things along with the groupset. We can’t wait to test out the bike in the Yorkshire Dales when we get home – with DJI obviously flying overhead too, and proving that for a company that prides itself on innovation… the sky is not the limit for this global leader in civilian drones and innovative camera technology, more commonly known for their drone tech.

Their new Avinox Drive System integrated into the Amflow PL Carbon and Amflow PL Carbon Pro eMTBs is one to watch, and it would great to see what the bikes are capable of on the trails at the Ard Rock Festival later this summer.

Images by Ben Thorpe

For now, it’s time to post a few words and pictures from day one, and plan for the remaining days at Eurobike 2024. If today is an indication of things to come, the cycling industry is picking itself up and forging ahead with technical innovations, designed to both improve the ride experience and bring lots of smiles on those cycling miles!

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