Cosmic Girl Ladies Triathlon Kit

Style meets performance yet again, with this amazing kit from Designed For Cycling, making your triathlon life just a little bit more chic.

Nadezhda Pavlova

One piece triathlon pro suit “Cosmic Girl”

Be more you

Everyone needs a little sparkle or Star Power for a stronger and faster you! It is a new year, new triathlon season and new you. Achievements in triathlon are the results of preparation, hard work, and belief. I’m encouraging all triathletes to leave their limits behind in 2019! Make the new season  a new time for you and make sure that you sparkle as much as your performances. Keep checking in and reading my regular triathlon training advice and information articles and blogs, and let’s also get you looking stylish in ladies specific cycle clothing from DS Pro.

Motivation is key to performance and looking and feeling good helps to fire you up, to light that spark and send you into orbit. Yes, it’s time to express yourself and this new kit is just the ticket for both performance and some chic styling that helps you to feel great.

Nadezhda Pavlova
Nadezhda Pavlova

Set daring and bold goals, get started on the right note in a new triathlon suit. Go big and bold with the DS PRO stars suit that blends exceptional racing performance pedigree with great looks. This new suit uses a wealth of triathlon experience and knowledge in athletic design to bring together the right elements whilst ensuring that you’ll look and feel superb.

This lightweight spacesuit boosts your aerodynamics to slice through the wind to achieve your mission to the podium. The cut is designed to fit where it touches and it contours the body perfectly, like a second skin. The stylish DS PRO stars suit features silver stars on a black background for a unique design. The ultra stretch nylon dull-polished Italian fabric offers excellent support and a flattering fit without sacrificing performance. Great mobility, good compression and excellent sculpted support for the body keep you at the front of the pack.

Nadezhda Pavlova Designed for Cycling

Movement is key in a tri suit, we understand that and the mesh fabric and new seam construction is designed to prevent any chafing under the arm and  offers excellent ventilation to keep you comfortable in a wide variety of races. Flat locked stitching designed is for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin and there are two back pockets for nutrition during run, a front zipper for extra ventilation, strong leg elastic grippers to prevent slipping and keep things in place and help you look the business too.

Too often our cycling and tri kits can be simply functional, but they can fit the form in a chic and stylish way too. Yes, it’s okay to look sexy and to feel good if you’re a woman and an athlete, and this tri suit was designed to do everything – to perform at the highest level by creating a great cut from the very best materials, all sewn together with the highest quality, allowing you to have the confidence in how you look at the same time. The necessary wicking and ventilation is provided by the quality of materials, finished with the best griper technology to hold you tight and firm, whilst the design is all you – now you can shoot for the stars!

Nadezhda Pavlova

I designed the spacesuit with a cosmic theme because I think the lives of triathletes and astronauts are closely related: you suit up, kiss your family goodbye then head out into the unknown. You eat weird food out of special packaging. Your family anxiously awaits your return. Yes, you can’t reach the stars, but you can wear them. Miracles start to happen when your wear this outstanding spacesuit.

Be ready to take off and shine even brighter in the New Year 2020!