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    Elite Cycling Performance

    There’s a route I want to cycle. It takes me across the Lake District National Park and passes by the building which was once a Youth Hostel and where I worked. I would sit in its garden looking onto the mountains, then I’d hike with packs laden on climbing trips, accompanied only by the wonderful quiet of special company, my climbing partner beside me and no words needed as we headed into the hills.

    I’m 55 years of age today and I want to ride this route. To take on the numerous mountain passes and to do so with at least some smiles on my face. I like a challenge – I’m still a competitor at heart. But the distance involved in travelling to practice and, the onset of colder weather means my training has to be adapted. Yes, I can go out into the smaller hills in my local National Park, the Dales. They’re truly beautiful, but the winter is coming. Yesterday we had snow! My wife’s parents sent a picture of it.

    Yes, I’ll be back onto the rollers again I guess, spinning away and wiping away the sweat, as I try to retain my legs in readiness for spring or a crisp winter day. It won’t give me the strength though, just the stamina, which as a former distance athlete God or my parents already gave me. So this year I’ll try a new tact, a new plan. I’ll mix things up a bit, because I will ride that route before spring. Simon, my former climbing partner is scattered in the valley and I’ll ride past him smiling as I head upwards on the leg torturing tarmac.

    I’m going to be using new rollers that add resistance to my pedalling and the effect of slope. Wow! Who knew! The application of science into the most simple of cycle trainers – 3 parabolic rollers lined up beneath my wheels, but now able to test my strength, to raise the ground or at least to simulate it and to give my training direction, as it links me into the Elite ‘My Training App’. The Italian engineers at Elite describe their Quick Motion rollers thus: “Pedal floating in the air…”

    “Roller with a floating-system that aids balance during training.”

    I like the idea of floating on air. Yes, the rollers move beneath you to simulate the movement of the cyclist on the road. It makes it possible to stand up on the rollers while pedalling and to attack the hill, or the resistance produced by the new Quick Motion rollers at least. And so my only question is: “does it also allow me good coffee and cake when I reach the summit!” 😉 Only time will tell, but I can’t wait to try out the new Elite Quick Motion rollers and to see how they’ll help this middle aged athlete enjoy the mountains next spring.

    Elite Suito Cycle Trainer

    I’ll also combine the rollers with a Smart Trainer, the new Elite Suito which is light and portable, so that even when I’m away visiting family I can train. And, when I don’t want to have to balance on rollers, it’ll give me the necessary results through it’s science and resistance. Best of all, I can combine it with videos of my rides that are replicated through their ‘My Real Video’ software, so I’ll stay warm and dry as I ride in real hills – def worth a cappuccino! Yes, indoor training is about helping me stay fit and able to tackle those special routes still and to immerse myself in the mountains. But for now, it’s my 55th birthday and I need good coffee and cake!

    Indoor cycling for life

    None of us can be motivated all of the time. We all go through periods in life, when we simply can't be bothered - admit it. Thankfully, cycling indoors can help to reinvigorate us and create some much needed positivity. Life, after all, should be cherished; and, trying to stay healthy is always a good idea
    December 20, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

    Getting Interactive with Elite

    The Elite Justo and new Rizer indoor interactive cycle set-up brings a whole new level of realism to cycling at home. Time to take a look as winter hits hard outside
    November 13, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

    Indoor Cycling Inspiration – Ben Ralston

    Indoor cycling isn't just for elite athletes and keen amateur riders. When you consider the technology these days and what it can replicate from the real roads, then it's also a way in which ordinary and some quite extraordinary people can stay cycling. As we begin another autumn season of indoor cycling blogs, read the account of Ben Ralston and how having access to an indoor interactive training allowed this inspiring man to keep turning the pedals in his last few months of his battle with cancer
    October 25, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

    Red Chilli Interactive

    Christmas holidays have passed, and me and my family had a wonderful time. We all gorged ourselves with delicious food and drinks, pretty much of the time, spending time at the table with relatives and friends. New Year came with a fresh start (and 1-2kgs extra) and new resolutions plans for most of us.
    January 24, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

    My Elite Red Chilli Bike

    The greens of summer turn to reds and browns and a million shades, that literally light up the autumn countryside, as everything gets ready for winter and long periods of darkness.

    My Red Chilli WR1 is also a object of transition and fits perfectly with the context of autumnal change, with its chameleon colours.
    October 19, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Ice Fly and Nano Fly Water Bottles

    It’s the height of summer and it’s getting hotter, so hydration on and off the bike is critical. If you do become dehydrated, then it’s at least 24 hours to recover, which is why drinking off the bike is also important. And, you really do need that fluid to be refreshing, which is why Italian brand, Elite, have taken their award winning Fly bottle to new levels of technology with their latest range of bottles.
    July 20, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

    My Personal Transfaragarasan Challenge

    It’s over a week now since I arrived back from Sibiu in Romania. It’s a place that I love dearly, for its amazing history, the beautiful mountains nearby, and for its people – some of whom are like family. Riding up the Transfaragarasan Highway was one of my life moments – something that I’ll remember forever.
    July 15, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Cycling Fly Bottles – Ride Routine

    Before every ride I do the same things. Albeit that I'm 56 years of age, I seem to be no different from what I was racing track and field years ago, lining up my shoes, with the socks placed across them and a lucky jacket nearby.
    June 29, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Cycle Trainers for Performance in Spring

    Yes, my best fitness days are behind me and things tend to break or creak more easily, requiring repair. And so, as a consequence of this, getting out for long winter rides isn’t always a great idea or possible, meaning that when spring comes along, on occasions I’m playing catch up on the hills, as I battle to get that early season fitness that we dream of.
    June 9, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

    Morning Ride Motivation

    It's not always great weather for riding. However, as cycling writers, we don't always get a choice - motivation and the weather may be against us, requiring extra personal strength just to get onto the bike...
    May 11, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

    Into 2022 with the Elite Tuo

    In a world filled with indoor interactive cycling trainers, many people will be surprised to see that the good old ‘wheel on’ trainer, or ‘turbo trainer’ as it was once familiarly known, still has a place. Indeed, the Tuo Interactive Wheel On trainer by Italian brand Elite, is more than capable of holding its own
    February 20, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

    Getting Interactive for the New Year

    Yes, Christmas and the New Year is a time when all of us maybe eat too much during the festivities. Our cycling clothing is thankfully made of Lycra and so stretches 😉 , but we still need to get out and to get fit again. Thankfully, Elite are here to help us 😉
    January 26, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

    Rolling The Gap

    I love exercise and training - it’s part of who I am. I wasn’t unduly concerned at having a break; it’s probably done me some good in a way, but I knew that I needed to get back to daily training. Going for the odd short ride or a long walk just doesn’t cut it for me. I need to sweat and to ache and know that my heart has been pushed.
    December 20, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Mia and Mia Thermo Bottles

    It’s quite refreshing to see world leading brands like Elite bringing back the ‘Full Metal Jacket’ cycling water bottle, with no plastic used in its construction. Following on from their Bio Green water bottles, this dynamic Italian brand are using their technical knowledge and expertise to help us older cycling kids to be greener.
    November 28, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    ELITE Direto XR Trainer – Getting ready for indoor riding

    It’s now October and the weather has turned cold. The rain is here more often, and soon it will snow. There is already snow in the mountains, and so I am starting to sweat more indoors from now on. Training outdoors is no longer a nice experience. Thankfully I have my Elite trainers to look after my cycling training.
    October 27, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Cycling – How to ride rollers

    We’ve been using the Elite Quick Motion and Nero Smart rollers this year, both of which have technological advancements to help you stay on the trainer. However, riding the rollers can seem daunting and a recipe for an accident, but in truth it’s easier than you think. Time for us to give you some detail and confidence.
    September 24, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Bringing the outdoors indoors with Elite

    Who could have imagined that a cycling trainer could simulate cycling so amazingly close to reality? Nowadays, technology has reached a very advanced level, and brands like Elite from Italy are leading the way. For example, look at the top of the range rollers that Elite have invented, fully interactive and is truly something amazing - I refer to "Nero interactive rollers".
    August 26, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Summer Cycling in a Pandemic

    It’s summer, but it’s not really summer. Yes, the sun is high and warm, but we simply can’t enjoy it in the way that we want to. Our writers were supposed to be competing in and writing about the legendary Trans Alp mountain bike race this year - but covid travel restrictions put paid to it.
    July 26, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Tuo – Summer Rescue

    Summer cycling can hit and miss due to the unexpected weather. Thankfully Elite have developed interactive trainers like the TUO that aren't too concerned about the rain. Using the Elite 'My E-Training' app with the TUO, you can cycle around the world when heavy sorms and showers stop your outside fun.
    July 14, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Bio Green Bottles

    It gives me great pleasure to ride a bike in the forest, to hear the birds chirping, to enjoy the landscapes and to see other creatures which live in the wilderness.
    Thankfully, we have lots of wild and remote and very beautiful paces here in Transylvania and Romania. It’s very important to treat nature as if it were our home; to keep it clean, to take care of it and not to exploit it.
    June 28, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Summer Performance

    As we reach the middle of the year, Larisa and Robert write about how their use of the Elite interactive trainers has prepared them and ensured that they've got early season smiles on the long cycling miles.
    June 17, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Bottle Cages

    There are some key areas that we all need to focus on when buying new bottle cages: Lightness & Performance, Great Grip and Access, and finally, Fitting & Aesthetic. In order to get the highest possible results in each of these areas, Elite put their considerable knowledge and expertise to good use, resulting in cages that the top riders in the world rely on.
    May 15, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Spring Into Action with Elite

    It's spring and Larisa as making the most of the weeks since she started using the Elite Nero rollers and Direto XR interactive trainer. How has it benefited this multi sports athlete -let's find out 😉
    May 2, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Benefits of Indoor Cycling

    We’re into month 4 of our Elite indoor training project and it’s the perfect time to examine the initial benefits and how it all fits in to the reasoning behind using an indoor trainer.

    Let’s get this out of the way early then: indoor cycle training is not about avoiding cycling outdoors - quite the opposite. I’m happy to evidence this viewpoint for you.
    April 10, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Jet Water Bottle

    Looking across the water bottle range at Elite, we previously wrote about their award winning super lite Fly water bottle. This time we’re going to be telling you all about their Jet bottle, which takes a few of the advancements from the Fly and puts it into a more robust biodegrable bottle that’s suited for tougher riding environments.
    March 12, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Tuo Interactive Turbo Trainer

    I've been  using Elite Cycling's interactive home trainer 'Tuo' now for several weeks. I have to say, now that I’m further into the experience, it’s most definitely providing the levels of performance and interactivity that I had anticipated from the marketing information on the Elite Cycling website.
    March 8, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Indoor Cycling in Winter

    Winter can be beautiful. The snow falls deep and lies like a blanket. It’s super for skiing, which I love, but it means that I cannot ride outside so much. I still need to train though and I now have Elite to help me.
    March 2, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Indoor Cycling – Training Through Injury

    One understated benefit of interactive indoor cycle trainers, is how useful that they are when you're training through imjury. You need to ensure that you stay within performance parameters, and the data that you get from the 'My E-Training' app allows you to focus and to work at the right level. Robert writes about how Elite are helping him through such a period of injury.
    February 20, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Fly Water Bottles

    Elite Cycling from Italy don’t just make great indoor cycle trainers. They also make the most technologically researched water bottles for cyclists. We thought that we’d take a look at this critical item of cycling kit.
    February 7, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Nero Rollers Introduction

    Larisa is currently testing the Elite Nero interactive rollers and by all accounts they're awesome. Read her first thoughts on riding these high end technology packed rollers from this leading Italian brand.
    January 24, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Indoor Cycling – Not Hibernating

    Indoor cycling isn't about hibernation. Instead, it's all about developing your performance to be better equipped to tackle those hills outside, bringing you more smiles when the snow and ice thaws. Elite provide the very products and apps to help you to make the most of indoor cycling.
    January 14, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Suito Interactive Trainer Introduction

    The Elite Suito Smart Trainer is described as an “out of the box” solution, and it really is. For all the technology and science that has clearly gone into developing this high performance indoor cycling trainer, it’s simply itself in setting up. When the parcels arrived from Italy, I was eager to get started, making room for the myriad of trainers and accessories and planning the cycle area in the bike store.
    January 7, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Tuo Interactive Indoor Trainer

    I've owned the same turbo trainer since I met Noah in the harbour one day. A huge piece of analogue iron with steel roller and a cable attached to a gearing mechanism to provide a little change in resistance. The future I thought to myself and to be honest, back then, it probably was. It has done me proud over the years but along came my Editor one day recently, lugging a heavy box from Elite Cycling. Time for an upgrade he told me and indoor cycling life has not been the same since!
    January 4, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Indoor Cycling Trainers

    Indoor cycle trainers should help you to improve your enjoyment of cycling outdoors. Here's our initial thoughts on the latest indoor trainers from Italy in Italy.
    January 3, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Real World Video

    Wouldn't it be good to be able to bring the outdoors indoors - not like Zwift, good as it is, but to be able to ride interactively to real world video. Welcome to Elite Real World Video, where there's a great selection of routes already uploaded, plus the ability to film your own interactive rides too.
    December 14, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

    Taking a break from training

    It’s lockdown again, although due to circumstances I didn’t really leave it earlier. With a wife working at the hospital, elderly parents-in-law and kids at university I had to stay safe, to semi-isolate. Thankfully I’m a solitary person, but at times it’s been demotivating. I need to refocus and the rollers are an excellent way to achieve this.
    November 17, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

    Elite Indoor Cycle Training

    I like a challenge - I’m still a competitor at heart. But the distance involved in travelling to practice and, the onset of colder weather means my training has to be adapted. Yes, I can go out into the smaller hills in my local National Park, the Dales. They’re truly beautiful, but the winter is coming. Yesterday we had snow! My wife’s parents sent a picture of it.

    Yes, I’ll be back onto the rollers again I guess, spinning away and wiping away the sweat, as I try to retain my legs in readiness for spring or a crisp winter day. It won’t give me the strength though, just the stamina, which as a former distance athlete God or my parents already gave me.
    October 28, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

    Why not visit the Elite website and view their whole range of products. They’ve got something for everyone and new apps, designed specifically to make the most of your own outdoor cycling and indoor training plan. You can also follow Elite on Instagram and keep up to date with the latest brand news, their ambassadors, teams and product users across the cycling world.

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