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Want to live for over 100 years? Find your igikai

Nadezhda Pavlova, Editor in Chief

We all want to live as long as possible, but really is the secret. Many researchers from Blue Zones around the world (where people live the longest) are taking into account such contributers to longevity as diet, exercise, good habits, living in a comfortable climate – but not many are looking at what common personal traits those people have in common. Can a person’s worldview affect his or her longevity?

Many researches show that if you have a sweet temperament, find it easy to adapt to changes and face challenges, but at the same time, you are stubborn, controlling and domineering, with a great intellect and have successfully found the meaning and purpose of life, the chances of rollerblading and traveling across Africa in your nineties are much higher than those of the whiners around you.

I’m personally up for this,and I’d say that I have a few of these traits – if not all 😉 . The interesting fact is that the power and control that an individual has over their life, causes them to be happier and healthy – and they live longer.

What the long-lived Japanese add to this list is “ikigai”, a concept that is, at times, used synonymously with purpose, passion, meaning, mission, vocation and drive. If you brew all those notions together and distill its contents, you get ikigai.

A purpose-driven life is the answer to overcoming obstacles and sorrows. How do we get there though.

Therapy is one way to find your ikigai, which is the “existential fuel” that motivates us to live long and happy lives. Less expensive than therapy, is asking yourself the question: “what is the meaning of my life?” – and pursuing activities that support your answer.

For many of us, it’s cycling that drives us, gives us passion, happiness, health and lots of smiles – cycling in any of its forms, including triathlon. 🙂 Apparently, we will die very happy and very old – which sounds good to me! So, keep cycling, keep checking in here and reading my health and fitness blogs, and keep a healthy diet. It’s all in your power and quite simple really – and, it includes cycling 🙂

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