Cycling Nutrition & Hydration


Making sure that you’re properly fuelled and hydrated is critical when your engine is working at max. It’s not simply about eating and drinking, it’s about getting the right nutrients and energy types into your body at the right time. If you’re thirsty, then it’s probably too late and worse still, it can take 24 hours to recover from dehydration. You need to keep the body at an optimum level of performance, and that means taking on board the right products and drinks as you ride.

Our team of athletes and writers test and review their own personal favourites, so that you can rely on getting the right advice. Over the next few months Larisa will also be working closely with VOOM Nutrition, a brand based in the UK and focused on premium product support for athletes.

Along with a few of their own recipes, Larisa, Nadezhda, Robert and the team will tell you which products they use and what benefits they provide. Nadezhda also gives you some useful coaching tips on nutrition and hydration, using her advice as a certified triathlon coach.

Make sure that you fuel correctly, and when you do, your cycling will become so much more enjoyable and you’ll be well on your way to be being the healthiest version of you  😉