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  • European Cycle Tourism

    Our favourite places to take a bike holiday or cycling tour in Europe, including France, Romania, Hungary, Spain & Italy

Home to the 3 road cycling grand tours, the majority of the World Cup MTB locations, Europe is a paradise for cycling holidays, either on a guided tour or self-sufficient. With an increasing number of ebike cycle tours too, a whole world of adventure is now accessible for all.

From epic road climbs in the Italian Alps, to the whipping down seemingly endless descents on alpine trails, or touring Europe’s largest freshwater lake at Lake Balaton in Hungary, there really is something for everyone. Transylvania is a hidden gem within Europe, filled with beautiful mountains to explore on trail or tarmac, including the epic Transgarafasen road  and a wealth of history for apré ride activities too.

Let us help you to discover the possibilities of a Bikecation adventure in Europe, with our expert guides on  where to ride and places to stay. Just sit back and enjoy the journey with us.

Larisa Chinces cyclist

Take a look below at the awesome routes and Bikecation suggestions below. Each of these has been visited, ridden and enjoyed by our team here at Pedalnorth, so that you can rely on our truly independent advice.

Wensleydale TrailFest

While this is a reasonably short 2 hour ride, it packs a punch, and is probably one of the very best rides in the National Park. With hard climbing, the rider is rewarded with epic descents and superb views across the hills. This is definitely a favourite ride with the team here.
October 14, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Stoneman Trail Mountain Bike Challenge

If you’re a lover of mountains and adventure and you ride a mountain bike, then you’ll love the Stoneman Trail in the Dolomites. The route sits neatly in the mountains in the north of Italy and briefly crosses the border in Austria. With a distance of over 100km, this mountain bike challenge has a number of days in which to complete the ride, visiting certain checkpoints along the way, so that your ride can be verified. It’s a challenge and a tough one, but ultimately it’s up to you.
August 13, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Lenzerheide to Arosa and Chur MTB Route

Lenzerheide and Arosa is the ultimate venue for mountainbikers. The two valley sides of Lenzerheide, 'Red Peak' and 'Western Summits', as well as the foothills to the north and south are the real trail paradise for mountainbikers to visit from all over the world.
July 31, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Furka Pass Cycling Route

Sean Connery took to these roads in the classic Bond Movie 'Goldfinger', and now you too can, as you ride through spectacular scenery and enjoy the breathtaking mountain roads of Switzerland.
July 29, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Richmond Park to Chichester Cycle Route

How about a cycling route that takes you from London, through the Surrey and Sussex hills, with the South Downs waiting for you,as you approach historic Chichester.
This is an excellent route for a two day trip into the hills, using Chichester as an overnight halt.
May 26, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Around Fertainu Peak – Romania

Take a trip with Larisa Chinces, into the beautiful forested hills and mountains in the west of Romania and Transylvania
May 22, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Mont Ventoux with Diane Vilarem

Mt Ventoux? The legendary climb. For whatever reason everyone kept talking about it. “Have you ridden Mt Ventoux yet? It’s awesome” If you google famous Col’s in France this one always pops up high up on the list. I had to find out why! Could it be even harder than the holy grail of the French Riviera - Col de la Bonette?
May 13, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Tour des Combins

Take on this classic bike packing tour in the Alps. If you're after a real adventure, then this could be for you. There's some bike hike along the way, but the rewards are epic.
May 9, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

The Jeroboam Franciacorta 300km

The Jeroboam Franciacorta 300km is Beauty and the Beast, gravel riding redefined between the shores of lake Iseo and Lake Garda. Spectacular riding and views awaited us, but not without earning them via some hefty climbing.
May 1, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Elterwater Independent Hostel

We want to help you to get back to what riding is all about -adventure. In the first of a new series of blogs, we're visiting Elterwater Independent Hostel in the English Lake District, to show you some amazing mountain bike routes from the door.
April 2, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website


“ I can’t describe the feeling when I’m cycling on this road, it’s something special and unique. When you are there you get amazed by the landscape and the more you climb, the tougher it gets, but it’s worth every pedal! The effort to pedal this road is really a challenge, more like a challenge with yourself."
April 1, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Bike TransAlp 2021

During the Covid pandemic, sales of bikes have risen exponentially, with more and more people seeking the freedom and adventure that cycling brings. Riding our bikes takes us back to days of childhood, gives us the opportunity to explore new challenges and new places. And, if you’re looking for real adventure in spectacular surroundings in the future, then there’s only 1 Trans Alp race.
March 9, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Col de Turini from Nice

The Col de Turini is a classic route in the hills close to Nice. It's featured on the Tour de France and is a favourite formany locals riders. Read Diane's account,as she chooses this as her first ever mountain col cycle route.
February 17, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Lake District Epic

There are some days in the mountains that are truly special. Tackling the English Lake District in winter produces such days. Follow Rich Duckworth on this epic Lake District mountain bike route and take your own adventure!
January 9, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

Capoliveri Legend Cup

Yesterday’s journey to my first crack at a UCI Marathon Series started about fifteen years ago, after seeing Miguel Martinez solo to a marathon win on Eurosport, having ditched his punctured back tyre and ‘rimming it’ from about 5km out. I’d been an armchair fan of Cape Epic and loved the footage of the dust covered athletes racing MTB’s in dramatic landscapes. I’m in my fifties. I still want to be that man. Tragic I know.
October 15, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Abbeys and Climbs Bike Route

This is an unbelievably beautiful ride through rolling meadows, taking in steep climbs and fast descents on tree lined roads. History is around every corner, with abbeys and castles and country houses. Helmsley serves superb cake and coffee too, and is an ideal holiday base.

Costa Blanca MTB Stage Race

Over the last thirty five years of cycle racing, I’ve often considered my peers and their contentment at riding the same disciplines, indeed the same races, year in year out. Each to their own and all that, but it’s not for me. It’s probably a Myers-Briggs personality thing. Firstly, I like new experiences; secondly, as a very average amateur athlete, I have never really found a discipline that has offered fame and fortune. Riding the same races over and over again holds little appeal.
September 20, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Cormet de Roselend France

Sitting at an altitude of 1968m the Cormet de Roselend connects Beaufort(744m) in the Beaufortain valley in the west and Bourg-Saint-Maurice(840m) in the Tarentaise Valley to the east. The climb has a rich TDF history. It was first featured in the 1979 Tour de France and ten times since. In 2019 the climb was cut from the tour as a mudslide rendered the climb impassable. It returns in 2020 for stage 18 and just happens to follow our preferred route over the Cormet!
July 21, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Col de Petit St Bernard Cycling Route

One of the classics of the alps and steeped in history, it is believed the Carthaginian general Hannibal used this very route. The road connects Bourg st Maurice on the edge of the Isere in France with the Aosta Valley in Italy via the french resorts of La rosiere and La thuile on the Italian side.
June 26, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Ditchling Beacon

It is possible to find country lane road cycling routes in Sussex and London. The classic Ditchling Beacon road cycling climb is an example, cycling from Balcombe to Brighton.
June 19, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Colle dell Agnello Cycling Route

The Colle dell'Agnello links Italy and France, and at 2,744 m (9,003 ft), it is the third highest paved road pass of the Alps. This route takes in a hard ascent, with a break in the mountains before the return. Maybe consider an overnight 😉
June 12, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Romania 5 Top Cycling Climbs

There are places in the world that are not only still relatively undiscovered, but that also have road cycling climbs that rank alongside any cycling climbs in the world - welcome to Romania cycling, or to be precise - it's time to be transfixed by Transylvania!
June 7, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Col de la Lombarde Cycle Route

Crossing between France and Italy, Col de la Lombarde (or Colle della Lombarda) is a high mountain pass cycle route, above the French ski resort Isola, and above the Italian mountain resort of Vinadio, famous for its historic Forte.
June 5, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Cycle Route

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a short but beautiful Italian road cycling route and is ideal for a cycling holiday in Italy
May 27, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Colle del Nivolet Cycle Route

The Colle del Nivolet is a great Italian road cycling route and is ideal for a cycling holiday in Italy, with lots of great places to stay, and a great selection of Italian road cycling routes into the mountains to chose from nearby.
May 14, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Great St Bernard Pass Cycle Route

The Great St Bernard Pass, known in Italy as the Colle del Gran San Bernardo is a cycling route that looks a every inch a classic cycling route, linking Italy with Switzerland
May 12, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Italian Road Cycling and Mountain Biking Routes

Take a look at our selection of road cycling and mountain biking routes in Italy, including the cycling routes across the great Italian mountain passes, all with a selection of accommodation to choose from nearby

Italy Cycling & Mountain Biking

Italy has a passion for road cycling and tough mountain based cycling routes such as the Italian passes. It’s also a world class venue for mountain biking routes, with awesome trails to test the best. Take a look at our special selection of routes, and choose accommodation for the ideal bike holiday in Italy

Timmelsjoch Cycle Route

The Timmelsjoch (Passo del Rombo) is an iconic road cycling route in Italy, and one of the most beautiful of Italian cycling routes. The road twists its way to the summit
May 10, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Livigno Pass Cycle Route

The Livigno Pass is one of the highest paved roads in Europe and it connects the Bernina Pass in Switzerland with Livigno in Italy.
May 7, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Colle Della Fauniera Cycle Route

The Colle Fauniera is a mountain pass in the Cottian Alps, Piedmont, northern Italy, located at 2,480+ m elevation. It's one of the roughest of road surfaces, but still one of the greatest of Italian road cycling climbs
May 6, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Avrig and Fagaras Mountains MTB Route

This is a short but testing forestry mountain bike trail near Sibiu, with some great technical sections and lots of descending, after the steep inital climbing 😉 It's a useful spring and summer mtb route for a morning or afternoon ride, before relaxing in this unique area of a Europe - transfixing Transylvania

Rucar Bran Pass Cycling Route

Castle Bran is famous for the legend of Vlad and this route is a legendary road cycling climb in Transylvania, taking you through amazingly beautiful scenery

Trans Bucegi Highway Cycling Route

Heading out from historic Peles Castle near Brasov, this short road cycling route in Transylvania is a real classic. It takes the road up to the mountain plateau above Sinaia and Busteni, and is a cul de sac road, meaning that the only purpose is to simply climb the road for the views and experience

Busteni Forests MTB Route

Busteni is a great mountain sports resort in Transylvania. This short mountain bike route into the forest close to the Transylvania mountain resort town, has some testing technical trails and is perfect for a spring or summer spin
Bikepacking in the Alps

Tour du Mont Blanc Cycle Route

This is the Tour du Mont Blanc, so what more needs to be said - it's tough, beautiful and extremely rewarding. Just read the route article below and follow the GPX file, and have an amazing ride!
April 30, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

Brasov to Rasnov Cycle Route

A short but steep climbers route, deep in the Transylvania hills, from historic Brasov to Rasnov, with time for a coffee and cake, before returning over the tree lined highway
Transylvania mountain bike

Paltinis Forest MTB Trails

Deep in the Transylvania mountains, Paltinis is an area that every mountain biker would want to explore. Take a trip and stay at nearby historic Sibiu as you ride the wilderness forests of Romania
Ladies long sleeve cycling jersey by Cycology

Brasov South West Hills Short MTB

Larisa lives riding the forested hills around Brasov in Transylvania, and this route takes you along some awesome local trails, with epic views and technical riding

Brasov Hills Short MTB

A short but testing ride into the forests around historic Brasov in Transylvania. This is a superb short mountain ride to get you familiar with the local trails

Busteni and Omu Peak MTB

Busteni is a great mountain resort, with awesome mountain biking trails all around in the forests. The trails are steep and technical, and the Transylvania hospitality is superb

Magura and Carpathians MTB

Magura is a good mountain resort for facilities, and nearby Brasov is excellent for all of your needs, and you can book a great place to stay and enjoy the superb trails nearby. It’s a tough mountain route, so please take sufficient drink and snacks with you, although villages on the edges will have options, they are limited.

The adventurous can also book at stay in the mountains at Cabana Curmătura, which is along the start of this route

Busteni Rolling Hills MTB

This area is wild and beautiful, with natural rugged forest single track trails in the forests around Fetifoiu ridge, steep and tough climbs and awesome descents. It's a real lung busting ride, but with the type of trails that will leave you smiling, with the long singletrack descent alongside the river to Busteni

Busteni Forests and Hills

This area is wild and beautiful, with natural rugged forest single track trails in the forests around Fetifoiu ridge, steep and tough climbs and awesome descents. It's a real lung busting ride, but with the type of trails that will leave you smiling, with the long singletrack descent to Busteni

Sibiu to Paltinis Cycle Route

The road to Paltinis is a regular ride on the Tour of Sibiu race. It’s one of the finest road cycling climbs in Transylvania, to the highest resort in Romania, Paltinis is also a favourite area for our own Larisa 🙂

Sighișoara to Făgăraș Cycle Route

This is two routes really, that make up one amazing bike trip between two of the most beautifil cities in Transylvania. The first day is long and filled with climbs, while day two allows you more time to explore and has lots of descending For extra smiles

Sibiu to Medias Cycle Route

Sibiu is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe, with history everywhere. The historic centre has superb hotels and AirBNB choices to suit all budgets. Medias is a wonderful historic town in the hills, with excellent accommodation choices for all budgets

Lugano 66 Bike Route

One of the most attractive trails in the Ticino area, winds its way as a high trail around the Val Colla above Lugano and leads through the imposing Monte Tamaro to the hilly forest of Malcantone.
March 1, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website
Tailfin pannier

Heart of France

If you’re looking for a spectacular cycling tour in northern France, then this is for you. A route from Mont St Michel to the heart of France and back.
Larisa Chinces riding Bianchi at Brimham Rock Road

Cycling Nidderdale

Ssh…don’t tell anyone about this place. It’s a real gem and a secret cycling centre of excellence – Nidderdale. With the long and winding ascent – or descent – of Greenhow Hill, coupled with Lofthouse Bank, it has climbs to match anywhere
December 13, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website
Mountain bike holidays

EBike Holidays

The popularity of e-mountain bikes has increased hugely in recent years and the technology has progressed too. The bikes are now much lighter and more fun to ride and are perfect for those who need a little assistance on the ascents.
November 29, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website
Garvia Pass Cycling Route

Gavia Pass and Mortirolo Pass

Both the Gavia and the Mortirolo Passes are full of history and pain, being well known within the Giro. Yes, this is a tough ride, but it will reward you with epic views
November 25, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website
Stelvio Pass cycling Route

Stelvio Pass Cycle Route

There are some road cycling routes that are simply iconic. You only need to see an image of this amazing road to understand why the Stelvio Pass is one such Italian road cycling legend.
November 23, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website
Laura Celdran Picos de Europe mountain bike

Return to Picos De Europe

Here's an awesome trip in an area that we know well, taken by our friend in Spain, Laura 🙂 If you like adventure, you'll love this trip and want to ride in this beautiful mountain area yourself.
November 21, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website
ALÉ cycle clothing

Italian Passes Cycling Routes

With some of the most beautiful mountain areas in the world, we think that it's time to visit Italy and to cycle some Of the best road cycling routes in Italy, cycling the Italian passes. Cycling in the Italian mountains, especially cycling in the Dolomites, is a fantastic experience

L’Ardechoise 2019

The Ardéche is well known amongst those seeking to explore it's spectacular gorges and relax by or explore its meandering rivers. Many are unaware that the region consists of high mountains too, further south, reaching over 1750m
November 2, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Forests and Mountains

For me, Whinlatter was like a playground. I had so much fun on the muddy and rocky trails and riding straight into puddles. The Orange Four bike made it easier for me to enjoy the trails.
October 17, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

London by Bike

We are at Liverpool Street in the City of London, deciding to rent bikes and start exploring and there is so much to see.
August 7, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website
Ladies cycling jersey

Sibiu and its Parks

This is a superb evening or morning ride around the outskirts of the historic city of Sibiu, home to Larisa, taking in the beautiful city park.

Touring Lake Balaton Part 3

So it is our last day cycling, and I was both excited and sad at the same time. We had all become great friends during our tour, led by Tamas, with Peter and Laszlo keeping us supplied with water, coke and lots and lots of humour.
March 15, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Touring Lake Balaton Part 2

Setting off from our hotel with a larger peloton, today was to be a day of twisting roads, climbing and history, as we took a long flat road towards the rising countryside
March 15, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Touring Lake Balaton Part 1

Arriving at the airport, the first thing I saw was a large sign saying #helloHungary. Speaking to Tamas, this is a drive by Hungary to promote tourism, of which cycling is a key part.
March 15, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Romania Bikecation Trips

Romania Mountain Biking Routes

Romania Road Cycling Routes

A land of myth and legend, of beautiful countryside, enchanting villages, and historic castles - Romania is all of this and more. Cycling in Transylvania is transfixing, with epic mountain roads and scenic Saxon villages, cycling in Transylvania has so much to offer riders seeking a unique and magical cycling tour

Lake District Road Cycling Routes

The English Lake District is home to legendary road cycling climbs and passes, such as Honister Pass, The Struggle near Ambleside, and Whinlatter Pass. The cycling routes here are varied and hard, providing amazing views across the beautiful landscape

Yorkshire Dales Road Cycling Routes

The Tour de France helped to show the world how great cycling in Yorkshire really is. With the Tour de Yorkshire now being a regular event on the UCI continental tour calendar, cycling in Yorkshire continues to grow, and members of our team live and ride in the heart of it, bring you the best cycling routes in Yorkshire

Cevennes Gorges France

We have Phil Deeker of Rapha Cent Cols fame to thank for this, after we spotted some amazing photos on social media a couple of years ago, and also having watched Ray Meares' " Wild France" programme on TV. The region was described as being tranquil with a spectacular landscape; mountains, gorges and limestone plateaus.
February 20, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Mont Ventoux and Gorge de la Nesque

Cycle one the legendary and best road cycling routes in France. Mont Ventoux is a classic road cycling route and one of the very best in the world.
February 20, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

Italian Dolomites – Corvara

A classic ride out on this sportive based route. The official route starts in Corvara, taking on Passos Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella and Gardena, returning to Corvara, a second ascent of the Campolongo, on to Passo Giau.

Sibiu and Transgarafasan Highway

I've cycled this route now several times, raced up it and sped down it. I've spent time in these mountains and they hold my heart, with their beauty. I know that you'll love this road too - so lets go and climb it!
February 19, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website
Peak District mtb

Peak District Mountain Bike Routes

The Peak District is the favourite National Park in the U.K.. The mountain buike trails vary, from the rugged and wild Dark Peak, to the limestone valleys of the White Peak, but all provide a superb day mountain biking in the Peak District National Park

Lake District Mountain Bike Routes

With two great forest centres too, at Grizedale and Whinlatter, the Lake District should be on every mountain bikers list. The area is also filled with accommodation options and great places to eat, including the legendary Wilf's Cafe at Staveley - so get along to the Lakes and ride in some of the most beautiful and technically testing areas of the UK.

Yorkshire Dales Mountain Bike Routes

We've listed a selection of the best mtb routes in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. Many of the routes can be linked quite easily to take you further and increase the challenge. They are designed in the main as bite size chunks that will provide excellent rides for most abilities.

Mountain Bike C2C

This is a tough 7 day outing at best. We liaised with the Lakes and Moors national parks in particular, to ensure that our route was full of awesomeness. Now, it’s time for you to try it.

Cycling around Lake Tisza

After the Balaton Tour in Hungary from 2 weeks ago, the organizer, Tamas Takács from ‘Ride Hard’, invited me to spend a lovely weekend at Lake Tisza. How could I say no! Flights were quickly arranged and off I set, flying via Vienna to Budapest.
January 23, 2019/by Pedalnorth Website

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