Conquering the Mare de Deu del Mont Climb – Spain

Conquering the Mare de Deu del Mont Climb

Girona, Catalonia Cycling Country

As a passionate cyclist, I’m always looking for challenging climbs that offer stunning views and a sense of achievement. The Mare de Deu del Mont climb in Girona, caught my attention as it promised both elements. In this article, I’ll share my experience of conquering this legendary climb and why it has become one of my favourite cycling destinations in Girona. It’s definitely a place that I can recommend for a great cycling holiday or short excursion into the mountains of northern Spain.

It’s been a great winter for me, with the opportunity to travel all over the mountains in this spectacular country. I’ve explored many places on my bike, and I’ll be bringing you lots of great climbs to tackle yourself.

The Climb

From Cabanelles, it’s a 18-kilometer road, with an average gradient of 5.4% and pitches up to 14% at the steepest section. The road is surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the forest and hills, with magical views

Gradients are gentle on average, with a few steeper sections throughout the climb, particularly at the last few kilometres. Most of the climb took me through a narrow, smooth and quiet road, and a dense forest that offered a serene atmosphere. Approximately 3 kilometres from the summit, the gaps in the trees revealed some truly breath-taking far-reaching views across the hills.

The Summit

Reaching the summit of the Mare de Deu del Mont climb was an incredibly rewarding moment. The summit had a restaurant/café with a wonderful outdoor terrace where I could rest and enjoy cafe con leche, with the panoramic 360 views of the Garrotxa region, the Pyrenees, and the Mediterranean Sea. There is also a museum and a sculpture of Jacint Verdaguer, a renowned Catalan poet who lived on top in the hermitage and wrote about the beauty of the mountains.
It’s one of Catalonia’s most captivating and iconic cycling routes for me, a dream place without the slightest doubt!.

Route Information

Stats  44 km  980 metres (round trip) 18 km climb

Refreshments & Where to Stay

Girona is close to hand, and is a haven for cyclists. There are ample places to stay and find the right accommodation for you. I started the climb from Cabanelles, however, the nearby town of Navata has more options post-ride and for parking. At the summit of the climb today, there’s a café for must needed refreshments!


A long and winding road climbs like a ribbon across the hills. It’s not overly steep, but it does have some steep sections. The reverse route – saddle up and enjoy!


1. Leave Navata and head for a short distance along the N-260 highway, west. Turn off onto the GIV-5238 road on the right, then take the right fork – GIV 5237 – towards Can Puig.

2. The road climbs into trees, with several historical sites along the way.

3. Approaching the summit, the trees give way to extensive views, and the sanctuary of the church and café is reached! Rest a while, then safely tackle the descent.

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