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Mountain Bike Tours in Europe’s last great wilderness

with Alex Sabin & OutVentures MTB Tours

Transylvania has rightly been called ‘Europe’s last great wilderness’, something that we’re really proud of. The epic terrain of the Carpathian Mountains provides some of the very best natural mountain biking in Europe or indeed elsewhere. Magnificent forests carpet the lower slopes, with technical trails to suit all mountain bikers, with some of the best descents that you’ll find anywhere.

Our head guide, Alex, has spent his whole life in these hills, exploring the endless trails on foot and by bike – and on skies in winter! He’s a professional mountain bike racer with the Bike Expert Race team, and has travelled the world racing. There’s nobody better qualified to guide you on your own unique 2-wheeled adventure on the epic mountain trails of Transylvania.

Rides & Routes in Transylvania

Paltinis & Sibiu County

The mountain resort of Paltinis, 30km from Sibiu, was the first mountain tourist resort in Romania and is famous throughout this part of Europe. The trails here are easily accessible, and have a great mix of long, all-day rides for leisure and a scenic tour, or a more fast-paced technical epic for adrenaline junkies.

Paltinis is also home to the renowned TRIADA MTB Race Series and their new ‘Trilogy of the Trails Festival. It’s a superb place for gravel riders too, and our team are happy to guide gravel riders along some of the best rocky trails you’ll ever experience, amongst the trees and bears – yeas bears – of our magnificent forests!

Brasov County for European Epics

Brasov is home to the 2024 European Mountain Bike Championships, and has some epic mountain adventure trails to explore. Places like Busteni, with the steep sided tree-lined trails, and the epic descents from our high mountain trails to the mountain resort of Magura will leave you breathless, with memories to last a lifetime.

The Bucegi are a truly spectacular series of mountains in Romania, reaching as high as 2507 at Omu Peak. The seemingly endless technical trails take you along sublime singletrack on rock, before dropping you down again at speed, to places such as Bran, famed for it’s historic castle and fabled links to vampires!

Your personal tailored trip

With so many great mountain bike tour options to take in, Alex and the team will talk with you and create a personal, bespoke tour that fits the bill and gives you the best possible trip. Transport is also arranged, and we can also arrange bike for you locally.

Stay with us in Magical Sibiu

The city of Sibiu is a World Heritage Site, with medieval history wherever you look. The centre of the city is car-free too, with the main square, Piata Mare, and the other numerous squares all filled with places to explore, take in the surroundings, eat and socialise with friends after a tough day riding in the nearby mountains.

In late June too, Sibiu holds an international arts festival (FITS Festival), second only globally to the famed Edinburgh Festival; with free concerts each evening in Piata Mare, and so much else to see and watch. The numerous hotels, AirBNB options etc, are experienced in catering for international tourists, and our team will help you to arrange the best accommodation to suit you, your needs and your budget.

Add to this that Sibiu International Airport has direct flights from London and other European cities, and you can see how accessible this amazing place is for adventure seekers and history lovers. We can also arrange a g=local guide for you, to show around this world famous medieval city – a place that we call home.

Accommodation options

Depending on the tour that we create for you, as stated above, we can book you into a hotel or AirBNB in Sbiu, or, if it suits the tour better, we will book accommodation in the mountain, using one of the many excellent hotels or lodges. Transylvania has been welcoming tourists for centuries and there are options for every budget, and it’s easy for us to cater for small or large groups.

In terms of dining, there’s a superb selection of food options available, from local cuisine, to Italian, Greek, Mexican fine dining or plain and simple burgers. The mountains have lodges and places to eat for adventure seekers too, during the day, meaning that all you have to do is to create an appetite with some great mountain biking all day long!

We’ll arrange transport each day, to and from the accommodation chosen, taking you and your group to the very best trails. Bikes will be checked at the end of each day, and we’ll make sure that you’re ready to ride each morning.

Getting here

Both Sibiu and nearby Brasov have international airports, with flights from London, Munich and elsewhere. Wizz Air are the main carrier and bikes are often seen on flights to Transylvania, which attracts both road and mountain bike riders from all around the world.

We’ll arrange to meet you at the airport, take you to your accommodation and make sure that you’re settled in and have all that you need for the ride of your life – in the captivating Carpathian Mountains and the awesome natural trails.

Bike hire

If you don’t want to bring your own bike along, let us know and we can arrange a high-quality rental bike for you. We only use the top brands, and we can book a regular mountain bike or e-mountain bike for you. The trails can be technical, so a full suspension bike is best.

All that you need to do next, is to click the link on the page here, and let Alex and the team at OutVentures MTB Tours know when you’d like to join us for a tour – we’ll be waiting ;).

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