Romania Mountain Biking – Ride From Ciungetu and around Vf Paraginosu

Romania Mountain Biking

Ride From Ciungetu & around Vf Paraginosu

This is an epic ride into the hills, with a long and steep start. However, you’re more than rewarded, with an epic and extremely long descent through the hills and forests. The views over the mountains are spectacular, and you’re also close enough to historic Sibiu, a World Heritage Site city, to make it your base for a great cycling vacation.

Make sure that you’re fit enough for the ride, and can read a map. Take lots of snacks, fluids and tools, and know how to use them. Do this and you’ll have an epic day in the Carpathian Mountains of transfixing Transylvania.

Route Information

Stats  59 km  1755 metres

Refreshments & Where to Stay We recommend staying at the historic city of Sibiu, approximately 80 km away. It’s a tourism hotspot, has an international airport, and also has a vast choice of accommodation options for all budgets. In terms of refreshments for today, nearby Vioneasa has all that you need a base, and can even provide a bed for night. Take sufficient snacks and drinks with you in a pack.

Character There’s a 23 km climb to start with, so you need to be fit. However, the route then descents for most of the remaining 36 km.  Forested double tracks lead to high meadows and amazing views over the beautiful countryside of Romania. Take a spare jacket with you, and some sun screen cream, as this is a day in the high hills.


1. Start from the village of Ciungetu and follow the unpaved gravel road that leads uphill and into the trees to Vila Ursul 4 km along.

2. The excellent track eventually reaches the high mountian meadows at Varful Fratosteanu Mare, where good navigation is needed to keep you on course, as several tracks merge up here.

3. When you reach Belvedere Mogoș, the views over the valley and the lake are spectacular, and yoi’ll soon be starting to head downhill for the rest of the day.

4. Open meadow riding lead you past waterfalls and the Devil’s Mill Waterfall at 45 km, followed by a steeper 5 km section of riding, before the descent eases slightly.

5. It’s then just a few km more, through the trees and along the Galbenu River, passing Cabana Maria-Petrimanu along the way. You’ll soon be back at the village and heading to Sibiu for a night of celebration and to re-live your epic day in the beautiful Carpathians of transfixing Transylvania 🙂

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