Alé Cycling PRE Play Jersey and Magic Colour Bib Shorts

Time for ladies style – with Alé Cycling

by Larisa Chinces

‘Fresh and violet’ by Ale

Ale Cycling has always been one of my favourites brands since I started cycling. I remember seeing a professional cycling team wearing Ale kit and sponsored by them; and since then, I’ve really liked their kit – so very much 🙂 . Firstly, because the quality of the products is far superior to most other brands out there, and the designs are unique and always filled with vibrant and vivid colors. I also like very much their winter/autumn or cold weather range of cycle clothing, which I’ve been testing now for many years (you can read here my articles and reviews here).

This summer, when it became time to look once more at the best cycle clothing for women, I chose to test a colourful fresh kit with colors of my own taste. I very much like to play around with colors and accessories and mix things up a bit. The outfit I chose is composed of a vivid violet jersey and simple green bib shorts, as these two items go great with matching accessories! Let’s take a look, shall we!

PR-E PLAY- Short sleeve jersey

When you look at the Ale PR-E PLAY jersey, at first sight it appears as a simple cycling jersey with minimal design, but with a geometric print. ‘PLAY’ is a lightweight and ergonomically cut jersey, specifically designed for warm weather riding and indoor training – so ideal for the forthcoming indoor season, as many riders retreat indoors. It was made specially with body mapping technology to fit the body anatomy of woman, to be more aerodynamic and have great breathability. Due to the cut of the pieces of material put together, this jersey has an adaptive, close fit that stays stable throughout the long rides. It’s only you that moves, as the fabric acts like a second skin. The technology used has similar design as the honeycomb. It looks and feels as if it would be a base layer, but with sleeves. I guess that in certain conditions, you could actually wear it without a base. What I can say is that the fit is great and feels ultra-comfortable all day long.

Bonded technology has been used by Ale to join the ultra-light weight Skin 120 on the front with Geo Light on the rear, and the technical Hive 3D on the arms. Ale like to be technical in the production of their clothing, and it shows. The fabric is very light and breathable, weighs only 105g, making it suitable for long summer rides in warm weather between 18°/30°c – or long sessions indoors on a trainer! On the side, the panels are made of micro-mesh, a special material to help the body ventilate when sweating, by allowing air to circulate. On the back, there’s the obligatory three spacious rear pockets, made with the same material as the side panels and keeping things light. At the end of the sleeves there is a tight but comfortable, wide silicone band, which keeps the jersey in place, allowing you to simply ride and smile, and stay looking stylish!

Around the neck is a fine collar which goes down in front in a V-shape. I like this because it gives a maximum comfort when in riding position and doesn’t bother the neck. It’s a good strong zipper, again which I like and shows the overall quality of the jersey. The Jersey is finished off with a silicone band at the bottom edge, to keep the jersey from rising or move during the rides – voila! All in all, it’s not just a cycling jersey – It’s made by Ale and you can be assured of its quality.

When you’re wearing a cycling jersey, especially in warmer weather, you want it to fit like a second skin and allow freedom of movement. It must become a part of you, and this jersey from Alé does just that, making me look and feel wonderful – don’t you agree! 🙂

Time then to look at the baselayer…

INTIMO WATERCOLOR – Sleeveless base layer

Cycling in hot weather conditions can be hard. However, as long as the base layer has been designed to wick and cool, it will improve your comfort during ride. A baselayer has multipurpose therefore: it can be worn on cold days, hot days, in summer or winter, when racing, training, or when trail riding.

This Intimo Watercolor baselayer from Ale matches perfectly with the Pre-Play jersey due to its similar purple color. It’s very light and made from super lightweight Velo Air mesh that’s breathable and fast drying to keep you fresh and dry in hot climates and hard trainings. All good so far then. Time for the tech stuff.

• The weight is only 45g, main fabric being 93% polyestera and 7% elastane.

The name “Intimo” I suppose comes from the flatlock seam technology which makes the baselayer unnoticeable to the eye when worn underneath the jersey. Makes sense to me. Final thoughts then: I personally recommend using a baselayer both in warm weather and also in cold weather conditions. You’ll feel better on the ride and stay more comfortable overall.

Sit yourself down now, as we take a look at the bib shorts, I’ve been testing.

PR-E MAGIC COLOUR – Bib shorts woman

I believe bibs are in general the “morceau de résistance” of the cycling outfit. They must be comfy and stylish too! Unmatched when it comes to comfort, these well-fitting shorts from Ale were cut for comfort, and are beautiful, simple and elegant – they’re a must have for me or anyone with riding style and comfort as a priority. They are available in multiple colors and in Plus Size, and best of all, they can be unlimited matched with any jersey.

Ultimately, bib shorts are about comfort – especially for women. We’re designed differently and so the straps are almost as important as the pad. Thankfully I am content with how well they fit. They feel so good and comfortable because of the right amount of compression in the right places. The 80% polyamide and 20% elastane make the premium fabric optimal for two-way stretch action. It’s perfect for riding in temperatures between 18-30 degrees Celsius. Due to these fabrics, they dry quick too, helps with sweat during rides. In the lumbar area they have a raw cut mesh insert for better cooling and ventilation.

I find it very important and interesting, the anti-pilling feature, because it prevents the formation of pills on fabric making them more resistant during lots of riding. Most bibs from other brands don’t have this feature and their material deteriorates, making the bibs look less appealing. The ultra-thin elastic band keeps the garment in place thanks to the silicone threads interwoven through the fabric making great compression without constriction.
Made with new Zero Friction fabric technology, Ale uses raw-cut material and bonded technology to eliminate rubbing on skin. The fabrics have been chosen for their softness and resistance but also their thinness, to enable the optimum comfort – an important feature.

The straps are comfortable and are made with 3-piece material created to fit best all the areas: shoulders, upper back and lower back. The material used for the front straps which go up to shoulders is made with multiple strings joined together like an elastic band to assure maximum comfort and no pulling or hurting the shoulders. They join at the upper back and are made with regular simple one-piece fabric but yet elastic. Then, it goes further to lower back in a triangular shape which gives the feeling of hugging the waist. This material is similar to the base layer, made especially to dry very quick.

Alé has a raw-cut S-Stability System technology to ensure best comfort and positioning for the pad due to its anatomic shape. It also passes the breathability test. Due to the dense foam-like padding it protects against sores caused by long hours in the saddle. Ale used high-performance fabric with antibacterial properties which makes these bibs the ultimate must have. The flatlock seams give a big plus of comfort and is an important feature when well finished, and good looking overall. Looking good in bib shorts is after all, important!

The last pieces for this outfit to be complete are:

The simple LIGHT unisex Socks matched with SUNSELECT Summer unisex gloves.

The socks are created for the hot summer rides. Light and thin, the clasic type of cycling sock, simple and clean. These socks are made with BRRR° technology, a revolutionary hydrophilic, polyester yarn that is high wicking and fast drying for an optimal cooling effect. My favorites are the clasic white socks with white shoes. But the good thing with accessories is that you can play with how you can match them with other items form the outfit. The socks are available in black too.

The gloves are simple, black pull-on without straps. Improved and highly technical, these gloves have anatomically shape to optimise riding. Furthermore, they have been designed with SunSelect fabric technology which protects the skin from suntan thanks to a filtering effect. The Ale traditional construction on the palm provides a high-quality feel at touch and the antishock gel gives optimal protection and a super grip on the bars.

I surely enjoy riding in this outfit I chose from Ale Cycling and I hope you enjoy my writing! If you do, then continue to read my blogs here on the Pedalnorth website, and let’s ride into the future together! 🙂

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