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Glorious Gravel Routes

Our selection of some of the best gravel bike routes in Europe

Gravel biking is the hot topic within cycling genres at the moment; and whilst still in its infancy, we’ve already seen gravel bike world championships taking place. All over Europe and beyond, and especially Stateside in America, gravel bike racing is the ideal cycle sport for those seeking thrills, adventure and adrenaline packed action on 2-wheels, riding the off-road gravel trails.

With so much activity taking place, and having Neil Atkinson and the guys at Focal Events as long term friends, we thought that we ought to bring you our very own selection of places to explore in Europe by gravel bike, along with the very best gravel biking events for you to enter. Add to this, our own epic U.K. Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route, and our new joint project with 3T Bikes in Italy, developing an awesome 3T Italian Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route, and there’s going to be lots of options for you to choose from here at Pedalnorth, as this new and exciting European Gravel Biking routes section takes shape, bringing you what some consider to be amongst the very best gravel biking in Europe.

Gravel Rocks – with epic events

Focal events have been creating the very best gravel biking participation events for a few years. Neil and the team were ahead of the game in putting on the now famed Dirty Reiver event at Kielder in Northumberland. They now help to plan and put on similar gravel biking events all over Europe. Add to this, the development of gravel bikes themselves in recent times; with world leading brands such as 3T having a wide spectrum of models to choose from, and you’ve got a great adventure sport to take your 2-wheeled adventures to a new level. Seeing 3T at the recent Euro Bike show at Frankfurt, their range of innovative and highly engineered gravel bikes stood out from the crowd – especially their all-purpose racing  Extrema Italia bike, made from 3T’s in-house filament-winding, using a combination of high-strength/high-stiffness fibres, combined with RTM resin injection, to produce probably the best gravel bike frame in the world right now – made in Italy, the home of the white roads!

Gravel Bike Coast to Coast Routes

We first developed our own U.K. Gravel Bike Coast to Coast Route some 3 years ago, along with Beau and Callum from Voom Nutrition. It’s since become one of the best and most popular gravel bike coast to coast routes in the world. It was this success, along with recent talks with Carlo from 3T, that encouraged us to widen our gravel bike route portfolio here at Pedalnorth. The result is a new project to create 3 very special options for an Italian Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route, in partnership with 3T Bikes. The routes will hopefully be ready to ride by early 2025, with an option in the northern Italian Lakes and Mountains, a main option taking on the legendary white roads – Strade Bianche – of Tuscany, and a very special 3T choice of their own favourite gravel trails across Italy.

Click Here for Adventure

Click Here for Adventure

Inspiring the adventure revolution

Our long-term bikepacking editor, Scott Cornish, has tackled gravel racing all over the world, including the epic Atlas Mountains. It’s only right then, that we showcase some of Scott’s own favourite routes, such as the Tour de Mont Blanc, in France. With our close friend Geoff LeQuatre, former TDF pro rider and CEO of French high-performance clothing brand, G4 also taking on the gravel trails of Europe, we’ve got lots of expertise lined up, to bring you what we believe are probably some of the very best gravel biking routes in Europe.

All that you need is a sense of adventure – and maybe a 3T gravel bike, such as the already legendary 3T Primo, the original Exploro bike, that started the performance revolution, and which is equally at home on gravel, dirt & tarmac – especially the awesome Italian trails!

Anyway, take a look at our selection below, and create your own gravel biking adventure in Europe, as Pedalnorth and 3T Bikes light the spark on the best gravel bike routes you’re ever likely to ride. It’s time to join the adventure revolution!

3T Bikes Partnership

Innovation & Excellence since 1961

We’re really excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with world-leading, Italian gravel bike brand, 3T. Having worked closely with them some 6 years ago, on our ‘build a bike’ project, and watching them take the lead globally with their high-performance, high-quality gravel bikes; we’ll be seeking out new routes and adventures on 2-wheels, using the world’s best gravel bikes – from 3T!

Keep checking in, as Pedalnorth and 3T continue to bring you a selection of probably some of Europe’s most epic gravel bike routes, for you to plan your own next 0ff-road vacation. It’s time to join the gravel bike revolution!

UK best gravel bike routes

The U.K. has a wealth of rocky bridleways that create awesome gravel bike routes for the adventure seekers. We want to bring together the very best of these, for you to easily create your own gravel biking vacation in the U.K. Here's our growing selection of the best gravel bike routes in the U.K. - with our partners at 3T Bikes!

Italy’s best gravel bike routes

Italy has the very best gravel bike routes in the world. Home to the famed Strade Bianche race and these white roads of the world tour, It's the perfect place for a gravel bike vacation, under the Tuscan sun. Here's our growing selection of the best gravel bike routes in Italy - with our partners at 3T Bikes!

Italian Gravel Bike Coast to Coast Route

3T create some of the best gravel bikes in the world. Add this to being Italian and having some of the best gravel biking trails in the world too, and you've got a great reason to take a bikecation vacation and ride our new Italian Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route, in partnership with 3T Bikes - inspiring adventure since 1961!

On the trails of Triada – Transylvania epic ride

We're developing a new 4-day challenge route, for both gravel bikes and mountain bikes' It'll take you from the mountain resort of Paltinis in Transylvania, exploring the epic trails of Europe's last great wilderness. Join the ride, on the adventure revolution - with TRIADA mountain bike!
June 25, 2024/by Pedalnorth Website

Romania Mountain Biking – Ride From Ciungetu and around Vf Paraginosu

This is an epic ride into the hills, with a long and steep start. However, you're more than rewarded, with an epic and extremely long descent through the hills and forests. The views over the mountains are spectacular, and you're also close enough to historic Sibiu, a World Heritage Site city, to make it your base for a great cycling vacation.
March 12, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

Cisnadie & Magura Climbs MTB Route

A great days biking exploration and adventure, into the forested mountains of Transylvania. Lots of climbing, rewarded by epic descents
March 1, 2023/by Pedalnorth Website

Trans Bai Trail Romania

Transylvania and Romania have some of the most spectacular and beautiful mountains in the world. Best of all, they're accessible to adventure seekers, and I love living here 🙂 This mtb trail follows the TransBai trail, a highway in the Baiului Mountains, a truly magical wilderness.
September 27, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Gravel Bike Coast to Coast Moors Section

Ride through the North Yorks Moors on some of the best gravel bike trails in the U.K., as you take on our Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route, with Voom Nutrition
June 6, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Gravel Bike Coast To Coast Lakes Section

Our U.K. Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route starts at the beautiful coastal hamlet of Ravenglass, before entering Eskdale and the Lake District. This technical section brings epic views and a mixture of easy gravel riding and more technical terrain, as you ride your gravel bike towards Sedbergh and the Dales.
May 2, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Gravel Vaucluse Cycling Route

VTOPO launched the gravel route guide at the end of last year for the Departement de Vaucluse, probably better known for its Provence region, renowned for the fields of lavender and the classic climbs of Mt Ventoux. It’s a paradise for road riding, mtb routes and is one of the first areas of France to have been developed for gravel riding.
March 29, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Gravel Bike Coast to Coast Dales Section

Ride through the Yorkshire Dales on some of the best gravel bike trails in the U.K., as you take on our Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route, with Voom Nutrition
March 1, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Gravel Bike Coast to Coast Route

From inspiring Eskdale in the west, through to the historic Roman Cam Road in the Dales and Wensleydale and the magnificent beauty of Jervaulx Abbey,onto Rosedale in the North Yorks Moors, this Gravel Bike Coast to Coast route has something for everyone.It's also the very first U.K. Gravel Bike C2C - and we think that it'll be the best too 😉 Especially with a 3T bike
January 24, 2022/by Pedalnorth Website

Tour des Combins

Take on this classic bike packing tour in the Alps. If you're after a real adventure, then this could be for you. There's some bike hike along the way, but the rewards are epic. Either a hardtail MTB or a Gravel Bike is the ideal way to travel this route at speed.
May 9, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website

The Jeroboam Franciacorta 300km

The Jeroboam Franciacorta 300km is Beauty and the Beast, gravel riding redefined between the shores of lake Iseo and Lake Garda. Spectacular riding and views awaited us, but not without earning them via some hefty climbing.
May 1, 2021/by Pedalnorth Website
Bikepacking in the Alps

Tour du Mont Blanc Cycle Route

This is the Tour du Mont Blanc, so what more needs to be said - it's tough, beautiful and extremely rewarding. Just read the route article below and follow the GPX file, and have an amazing ride!
April 30, 2020/by Pedalnorth Website

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