My Triathlon Journey

Luciana Prado: My Tri Journey

“Imagine a new story for your life and believe” by Paulo Coelho

Today I start my newest partnership, and with it new goals, and new goals along with the Limiar Assessoria. That encouraged me to train and enter the amazing world of triathlon. Here’s my triathlon story, as I begin another new journey, using my experiences to encourage others to take up this amazing sport. So here we go – this is me and my journey…

Hello directly from Brazil; the Olympic nation of 2016, and a place where sport is all around us.

I am Luciana Prado, 34 years old, and I live in São Paulo in Brazil. I am an interior designer, cyclist in my spare time, and a model. I divide my days between work and training, I always enjoyed practicing sports and a year ago I decided to enter the incredible world of triathlon.

I have the support of a LIMIAR Sports Advisor who taught me how to swim, bike and improve my race. They are the ones who plan all my exercises and tests. I also have the support of specialized professionals, who help me to improve. Triathlon I found is a complex sport, with many skills, so this really helped me in the beginning.

I confess I did not know how to swim, other than to simply get into the pool and move my arms and legs! My first swimming lesson was in August of 2016, and after 6 months I decided to do a short test of Triathlon (750m swimming, 20km cycling and 5k running), where the swimming was at sea. Yes, my first test and I was scared; I swam and it took me a long time to get out of the sea, but this made me even more willing to learn more, not give up and focus even more. It was an amazing feeling to beat the initial challenge and jump into the ocean, but I did it – I conquered a first tri challenge! It really is amazing how much you can develop with the right people around you. I can definitely recommend joining a club, where there are others who can help and guide you on your journey.

My running has developed so much too. Before, I was simply moving along the track, but now I know to focus on posture, breathing and stride, as well as all important hydration. It has given me a new focus and helped to direct my adventurous side.

I fell in love with cycling too – it’s easy isn’t it. So fI also started to train more intensely to do the Triathlon Olympic Test (1,500m swimming, 40km cycling and 10k race), and some tests of cycling that will be Gear UP 80km and L’etape Brasil 112km (which I eventually succeeded in)! And I will share with you my training and tests as they progress, and as the challenges make me a better triathlete and fitter and healthier too. We all need a challenge in our lives, so … who else is motivated to train?

Join me as I write my blog here on from the sunny South American continent?