Cycling the Rocacorba climb – Girona

Climbing the Rocacorba – Girona

Girona has become a mecca and home to many of the world’s top cyclists. Situated in the north of Spain, close to the Pyrenees and the coastal mountains, its a place filled with vibrancy and culture. There’s a wealth of great cycling climbs to tackle – almost too many to choice from. However, the Rocacorba is a stand-out route, and it’s one that I chose to tackle recently.

The Rocacorba climb, starting around Banyoles lake, is a challenging and famous cycling route in the Girona area. Many local pros have made this climb their training ground, and the Strava segment of this climb has been fiercely contested by both professionals and enthusiasts, adding to its allure. In this article, I want to share my personal opinion and emotions about the climb.

Banyoles and the Lake

As I set off from the charming town of Banyoles, the anticipation of the Rocacorba climb filled the air. The route began with a scenic ride around the shimmering Lake Banyoles, awakening my legs before tackling the 9.7km ascent with an average gradient of 7%.

I pedaled my way up, the lush green forests embraced me, providing a soothing backdrop to the effort. The road twisted and turned, revealing glimpses of the stunning countryside. The gradient fluctuated, testing my endurance and determination. The initial part may deceive with its shallower gradients, tempting me to go all out. However, pacing is crucial, as going too hard too soon will cost in the later miles. Holding back and staying steady is key to achieving the best time. The last 1.5km is still steep, with an average gradient of 8%. Fatigue will start to set in, but with the Pyrenees to your right and the summit in sight, you can draw inspiration and push yourself to the limit.

Heading to the summit

Once I pass the hairpin past the sign, only 300m remain. I give it my all and empty the tank. The exhilaration of reaching the top will be worth every ounce of effort. And with the knowledge that it’s downhill from there, you can savor the glory of the achievement.

At the summit, take a moment to capture photos and soak in the panoramic view. The green mountains, resembling an endless ocean, and the stunning Banyoles lake create a picture-perfect backdrop. It’s a sight that will stay with me long after my descent. There are no coffee shops at the top, so remember to bring enough fluids, as there are no water sources along the climb.

It’s a climb that truly tests physical and mental strength, leaving you with a sense of fulfilment and a desire to conquer other mountains!

Route Information

Stats  28km round trip  – 809 metres

Refreshments & Where to Stay

Girona is nearby, with everything that you’d expect. It’s the perfect place for cyclists, with ample places to stay, to eat and to fix or hire bikes.


Tough but rewarding short climbing day, with spectacular views.


1. Start at Lake Banyoles and leave the lake, riding along the giv-5247 highway towards Pujarnol. It immediately climbs and weaves its way through the mountains, with forestry either side.

2. At 7km the road eases slightly, giving you a respite period for another 1km, when the climbing increases once more.

3. In the next 4km you ascend nearly 400 metres of relentless climbing, but are rewarded with spectacular views. A brief rest is given at 12km, before the final ascent, as the twisting road reaches its summit – 14km. Enjoy the views, before descending with care back to Banyoles for  coffee and cake 🙂

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