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Welcome to our in-house emagazine ‘LifeCycle’, produced by our volunteer writers and photographers around the globe.it’s been a while since we’ve published, due to covid, staff changes and simply being out riding around the globe. Life tends to get in the way at times – we’re realistic.

We believe though, that it’stime for us to bring you LifeCycle E-Magazine once more, and so we’re currently working on the next edition. It’ll have lots about ladies cycling; with an awesome interview by Nadezhda with a recent world champion from the track, routes to ride in and around Barcelona, and lots about ladies cycling too, as we continue to  suport cycling information for women.

With ladies cycling being a huge growth area, there’s loads of ladies kit ideas too, and editor Nadezda will be bringing some stylish reviews to you.

The controls for reading the emagazine are simple to operate. You can increase or decrease the size,  or click the large arrowed X below the emagazine, allowing you to read it in full screen.

For our latest edition on it’s own page, simply click here  or read it below.

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Our winter edition of ‘Lifecycle’ is also available elsewhere, on Heyzine at this link!

Our winter edition of ‘Lifecycle’ is also available on the magazine website Pubhtml5.com at this link!

Take on the ‘Trilogy of the Trails’

A spectacular off-road festival with TRIADA MTB

Our previous editions can all be accessed on this page as well, simply by clicking into them. If you have any ideas for content, then we’d love to hear from you.

In the future, we’re also going to be producing e-brochures on great cycling holiday locations, filled with routes and information on where to stay and great guiding companies to make your time special. Thanks again for your continued support to Pedalnorth, where we continue to bring great cycling information to you for free.

Take on the ‘Trilogy of the Trails’

A spectacular off-road festival with TRIADA MTB